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5 Kuwaiti Rappers You Should Keep an Eye on in 2024

The Kuwaiti music scene has been evolving rapidly, and hip-hop has found a unique and vibrant place within it. The blend of traditional Arabic elements with contemporary rap beats creates a distinct sound that is garnering attention both locally and internationally. As we step into 2024, here are five Kuwaiti rappers making waves and worthy of your playlist.


Daffy, a multi-talented individual, is a choreographer, producer, and singer. Growing up surrounded by music, his journey began with singing at the age of 9 and songwriting at 15. In 2004, he joined the group "Army of One" and together they released numerous singles, albums, and music videos. Their groundbreaking work in the hip hop/R&B genre earned them a dedicated fan base across the region.

In early 2014, Daffy's career reached new heights when he became a member of Outlaw Productions. He made a significant impact with his solo release, "Samboosa," accompanied by a captivating music video in the summer of 2014. Produced by DJ Outlaw, the single quickly gained popularity, garnering over 100,000 views on YouTube within its first week. It received extensive airplay on MTV and other prominent music channels, ultimately surpassing one million views.

Daffy's musical style is an exquisite blend of hip-hop, R&B, soul, jazz, reggae, and elements of Arabic/Middle Eastern influences. By merging these diverse cultural flavors, he creates a distinct and captivating sound. With exciting projects on the horizon, Daffy is determined to push boundaries and elevate his music to new horizons.


Vortex is a versatile artist from Kuwait, excelling as a rapper, sound engineer, video editor, and cameraman. Currently leading the rap scene in Kuwait, Vortex has achieved commercial success and has appeared in advertisements for major brands. His dedication to refining his rap skills and achieving the highest level of professionalism is evident, setting him apart from his peers in the industry. His standout tracks include "Too Bad, "GAZRA" and "Mudeer."

Sons Of Yusuf

A duo of blood brothers Ya'koob and Humble Abdul, The Sons of Yusuf initially gained popularity by creating viral remixes of hip-hop hits with an Arab twist, but they have now evolved into a global sensation. Their single "One Time" from 2018 topped the charts in Kuwait and received airplay in France, Morocco, the UAE, and other countries across the Gulf Region. Growing up between Kuwait and Los Angeles, the brothers are successfully bridging the cultural divide between the Middle East and the West. Their debut album, titled "Shaykh the World," features collaborations with acclaimed artists such as Jay Electronica, Talib Kweli, Shafiq Husayn, Cyhi the Prynce, Muhsinah, Isam B, Terrace Martin, and other talents from both sides of the globe.

Abdullah Trill

Abdullah Trill, a prominent figure in the rap scene of Kuwait, is recognized for skillfully fusing Arabic and English in his music and delivering impactful beats. With notable releases like 'Agdar,' 'F N T S,' 'VITAMINS,' and 'Mal 7ali,' Abdullah Trill undoubtedly showcases his dedication to representing the Kuwaiti music scene in the coming years.


With clever lyricism, catchy flows, and captivating visuals, M4LEK has been making a significant impact on the Kuwaiti and Gulf rap scene over the past three years. Hailing from Kuwait City and extending his influence to Dubai, M4LEK combines melodic trap beats with Arabic slang, crafting a distinctive sound that helps shape the musical identity of Kuwait and the Gulf. His standout tracks, such as "Kuwait X Dubai," "Ehda," and "Drip'n," showcase his innovative style and authentic voice, establishing him as a pioneering force in the region's hip-hop landscape.

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