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7 Syrian Creatives That Need to Be on Your Radar in 2024

As we enter 2024, the creative landscape in Syria is brimming with talent across various fields, from music and fashion to art and design. These Syrian creatives are not only making waves locally but are also gaining international recognition. Here are seven individuals whose work you should keep an eye on this year.

Kinda Ghannoum

Kinda Ghannoum, a Belgian-based Syrian graphic designer, is passionate about Syrian design history, which inspired her to create the Syrian Design Archive. This documentary project is devoted to preserving Arabic typography, prints, stamps, and various other design forms from across Syria and the Middle East. Additionally, she is the founder of "Logo Archive Syria."

Zina Khair

Born in Damascus, Zina Khair was raised in a home filled with art collectors, developing a deep appreciation for Syrian art. Over nearly three decades, she has built an impressive collection of works by some of Syria’s most renowned artists. She also has a passion for the entertainment industry, which began early, working with her father in TV production. She later demonstrated her leadership skills by managing the Adonia Awards for Syrian Drama.

Additionally, she is the founder of Le Marais 101, a venture that specializes in reimagining pre-owned accessories. Named after the Parisian Le Marais neighborhood, the brand is celebrated for its unique blend of cultures and rich history.

Uncle Kamo

Based out of Dubai, Uncle Kamo is a Syrian artist whose music is gaining international acclaim. Drawing inspiration from artists like Juice WRLD and Steve Lacey, Kamo has developed a distinctive sound that resonates with a global audience. His prominent tracks, including "Vibin," "Higher," and "Behind," showcase his ability to craft music that appeals to listeners from all corners of the world.

Mariam Al Sibai

The British-Syrian designer established her eponymous brand in 2017 between her hometown of London and LA. With oversized sharp tailoring, floor-length coats, and power suits, Al Sibai is an outerwear master with a deep focus on craftsmanship and slow ethical production.

Maya Chantout

he Paris-based designer has worked at prestigious fashion houses such as Hermès, Chloé, and Celine, where she collaborated directly with Hedi Slimane. Her creations, inspired by the femme fatales of classic Arab cinema, exude femininity, sexiness, and sensuality. She won the LVMH Fashion Graduate Prize in 2018 and was a finalist in Fashion Trust Arabia’s debut talent category in 2020.

Bu Kolthoum

Mounir Bu Kolthoum, a Syrian rapper, producer, and film director based in Amman, Jordan, has quickly become a key figure in the local music scene despite having only two albums to his name. His pseudonym pays homage to the legendary singer Umm Kulthum and the pre-Islamic Arab warrior and poet Amr ibn Kulthum. His 2019 single "Jouwana" is his most successful hit to date, amassing over 7 million views on YouTube.


Chyno with a Why, a Filipino-Syrian rapper and producer, is a notable figure in the Middle Eastern hip-hop scene. He is a member of the hip-hop collective Fareeq Al Atrash and co-founder of The Arena (Alhalaba), the first official battle rap league in the region. In addition to his musical endeavors, he manages prominent artists such as Synaptik and EL Rass.

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