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8 Jordanian Creatives Who Will Blow Your Mind This Year

Jordan’s vibrant cultural scene is bursting with talent, as creatives across various fields push boundaries and redefine artistic norms. The country's rich history and diverse cultural influences have fostered a dynamic environment where innovation thrives. From fashion designers to visual artists, musicians to digital creators, Jordan's emerging talent is making local and international waves. These eight Jordanian creatives are capturing attention with their unique perspectives and artistic expressions setting new trends and inspiring others. As we delve into 2024, these individuals are poised to make significant impacts in their respective fields, and they are the ones to watch this year.

Issam Al Najjar

Issam Alnajjar, born on May 12, 2003, is a Jordanian singer who skyrocketed to fame with his debut single "Hadal Ahbek." The song gained massive popularity on TikTok, which led to Alnajjar becoming the first artist signed to Universal Arabic Music.

Following his breakout success, Alnajjar released three remixes of "Hadal Ahbek." These include an English version titled "Turning Me Up" featuring Loud Luxury and Ali Gatie, a Club Remix by R3HAB, and a Spanish version called "Si Tú Vuelas" with Danna Paola and Alok. In October 2021, Alnajjar unveiled his debut album, "Baree?," further establishing his presence in the music industry.

Tania George

The collections of this emerging Jordanian designer are not only incredibly stylish but also ethical. George, who hails from Amman, founded her namesake ready-to-wear brand in 2015. Each piece, characterized by its handmade, pastel-drenched aesthetic, is locally produced by tailors in the Middle East.

Jad Toghui

Originating from Amman, the 22-year-old stylist and creative director discovered his love for dressing people through computer games like The Sims, where he enjoyed customizing characters' outfits. This pastime eventually led him to delve into digital fashion and create his own 3D brand, "Jurassica". Now, he is one of Jordan's most in-demand stylists, working with numerous top labels and photographers on campaigns and editorials.

Zaid Allozi

Observing the work of this Amman-based conceptual artist is like seeing the world through a psychedelic perspective. His vibrant and eclectic photographs blend fashion and art, leaning towards the unconventional and experimental, and consistently suggest a larger story behind each image.

Omar Sha

The Palestinian/Jordanian image-maker, who splits his time between Jordan and the UAE, has a talent for creating quirky, almost psychedelic images. Rather than relying on the traditional white studio backdrop, he opts for colorful fantasy scenarios. His subjects are often seen perched atop lampposts or posing on rocks with crashing waves in the background.

Hanna Bassil/ Jdeed Labs

From London to Amman, Hanna Basil is dedicated to "recommunicating the essence of the Keffiyeh scarf and offering a new perspective on Palestine and Jordan, highlighting the rich design, craft, and beauty of the culture." Through his brand, Jdeed Labs, he achieves this vision with predominantly monochromatic pieces. The brand's debut collection includes a commitment to relocate all production to local manufacturers and suppliers, aiming to create more employment opportunities for Palestinian refugees living in Jordan.

Nafsika Skourti

With roots in both Greek and Jordanian heritage, Nafsika Skourti seamlessly blends culture, history, and humor into their refined clothing pieces with her namesake brand. Operating from their home in Jordan, the brand utilizes print, embroidery, and meticulous tailoring to embody its mission statement of creating valuable items that contribute to a positive collective future.

Zaid Mushaki

Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, the 28-year-old fashion designer brings his unique vision to life through unconventional perspectives, leaving his clients in awe. Known for his meticulous attention to detail, Zaid Mushaki carefully crafts each design, ensuring a chic and refined wardrobe collection filled with must-have pieces.

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