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9 Style Tips To Make A Dope First Impression

Rajeev Arulanatham is a brand ambassador for Oxford,South Cali Sunnies,Kimshu Designs and Mr. Melbrn

1. Don't be afraid to express yourself.

2. You can make any combination work.

3. Accessories are small that make a big difference in the wardrobe.

4. You don't have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks.

5.keep the base simple. White shirt, and build around that.

6. Always discover new things so that your style evolves organically.

7. Don't throw out old clothes (as long as they are in good condition) because everything

comes back in style.

8. Take inspiration from others but don't copy their style.

9. Don't be afraid to take criticism on your style as long as it is constructive .

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