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8 Things You Can Learn From Tory Lanez's Rise To Fame

Daystar Peterson AKA Tory Lanez is a rapper/singer who is rising to the top of the music industry . His journey coming from humble beginnings to becoming an up and coming superstar bears many lessons. here are 8 things you can learn from it

1-Find What Your Good At:

-Tory was able to build a reputation by finding what he is best at which is hooks, he spent a lot of time making hooks and distributing them to other artists which brought a lot of attention to him

2- Be Resourceful:

-Tory Lanez started recording music in a basement with very basic equipment  for a year straight 


-Tory Lanez was always networking and was able to meet people like Sean Kingston, Justin Beiber, Nima (CEO of pink dolphin), PlayPicasso (his producer) and many more powerful and influential people that helped him progress.

4- Drop Your Ego:

-When Tory started building a following by dropping songs and music videos on World star hip hop, he claimed he was faking his persona which cost him many opportunities.

5- Always Be Ready:

-One of the ways Tory Lanez built a good reputation is by going to studios and being ready to come up with a verse or hook for other artists on spot.

6- Constantly Put Out Quality Product:

-Tory Lanez dedicates one hundred percent of his energy and creativity to put out quality product 

7-Experiment With New Things:

-Throughout his career Tory Lanez experimented with many different sounds which diversified his fan base and catalog as well as bring many opportunities to work with people he would not be able to work with if he stayed with the same sound

8-Channel Negative Energy:

-Tory used used all the bad events and circumstances  in his life  such as his mothers death and and being homeless as motivation to make music 

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