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Elite Watch Trader Mike, AKA RM Plug Talks About How He Rose To The Top Of The Watch Trading Game.

Mike AKA the RM Plug is a Miami based entrepreneur and a top level watch trader of Ghanaian origin. Growing up around a father who was an entrepreneur himself, Mike was drawn to the art of trade from a young age. After moving to the states and going through some adversity, he started his first business, which was a marketing agency. After getting some success with that, he went on to establish a clothing brand, which ended up being super successful and started a big fashion trend at the time. After his success in the fashion business, he went into the watch trading industry and rose to be one of the top watch traders in the world after only two years. Mike's client list include wealthy businessmen and celebrities such as recording artist Davido, actor Omari Hardwick and many more. Mike talks about his beginnings as an entrepreneur, his success in the fashion industry and how he rose to the top of the watch trading game.

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