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Emarati Rapper EZOW Is Bringing Dubai Hip-Hop To The Mainstream

As Dubai's music scene continues to grow, many artists in the city are taking their music more seriously and elevating their sound. One such artist is Dubai-born EZOW, who was able to develop a versatile sound and build an impressive catalog of music in the past couple of years. Growing up on early 2000s Hip Hop and MTV, EZOW got a first-hand look at the idea of making quality music that travels internationally, which reflects on the music he makes today. Since the release of his debut single "Pay Off," EZOW released more than 15 songs and built a following of over 800k followers, making him a prominent figure in Dubai's music scene. His tenacious drive to put the UAE on the map, along with the hard work his team at Dubai-based label VVIP is putting in indicates that this is only the beginning for the Emarati rapper. EZOW recently released his debut EP "Concrete Jungle," and collaborated on a single with international artist PRZNT.

-What was your first interaction with music?

My earliest recollection of music was watching music videos on MTV.

-Who are some artists that inspire you?

I listen to different genres. Hip-hop-wise, I can say, Drake, 50 Cent Travis Scott, and, Kanye West definitely inspire me. However, I am also inspired by Bring Me The Horizon and other bands from different genres.

-How did the society around you react to you being an Emirati rapper?

I consider myself an artist, not just a rapper, Hip Hop music has always been controversial and can bring up many reactions from people. However, I am more focused on repping my city, building bridges overseas, and opening doors for anyone who wants to thrive.

-How did the name Ezow come about?

It never came about. It’s EZOW from birth. Remember the name

-Who are 5 people you dream of collaborating with?

If you are speaking about a dream I would’ve loved to collaborate with pop smoke may he rest in peace, but as for who I see myself collaborating with in the future, definitely Future.

-What’s your favorite song of yours so far and why?

My personal favorite song hasn’t been released yet it’s called “ Stuck “. However, out of the released ones, I would say “Bad Temper”

-What is the inspiration behind your debut project “Concrete Jungle?”

The music industry doesn’t come with a plan you have to pave your own way and going through that path inspired my project “ Concrete Jungle”.

-Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

We live in a fast world where everything is changing quickly. I live in the moment the future for me is a result of my work today.

-From the beginning of your career until now, what are the 3 most important

things you’ve learned?

The first mindset lesson I learned from my journey is how to be a team player and build trust within my team to keep a high spirit and stay in the right mindset

Secondly, I learned to trust my intuition and be grounded and selective with who I take advice or criticism as it is crucial for my identity and vision as an artist.

Thirdly, I learned that you need to build yourself and work on your connections outside of music to stay ethical, consistent, and true to your work ethic. Music is a marathon, not a 100-meter race.

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