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Exclusive Look At Martin Victor- The Visionary Behind The Region's Fastest-Growing Fashion House

Updated: May 20, 2023

A pioneering entrepreneur, fashion designer, and former model, Martin Al-Masri founded the popular brand House Of Victor. He gained valuable insights into the fashion industry during his early years as a model. Taking his passion for fashion to the next level, Al-Masri went to Prague and mapped out the plan for his fashion empire. As a result, he launched House of Victor, one of Dubai's fastest-growing brands, Victor Magazine, a fashion magazine, Infinity World Models, a modeling agency, and La Beauté's Dubai franchise, a global hair care brand. At the 2023 edition of Dubai Fashion Week, Al-Masri put on an amazing show filled with top-of-the-line production, models, and amazing garments. Clearly, the fashion entrepreneur isn't planning on slowing down anytime soon. In this interview, we talk to Martin Al-Masri about his entrepreneurial journey, the fashion industry in Dubai, and what is next for him.

Was House Of Victor your first venture as an entrepreneur or did you have previous experience in entrepreneurship? If so, what were those experiences and what did you learn from them?

The House of Victor was my first ever business. I learned a lot by making mistakes until I learned how to take a calculated risk and be accountable for my decisions.

As a model in your early years, what made you start your own fashion brand?

I want to get more serious about life and business goals. I wanted the responsibility and more

reasons to keep going. In general, I like to create and produce.

On your journey to building the House Of Victor, what are some of the most important things you’ve learned about building a fashion brand?

Flexibility, Adaptability, and patience. No matter how long it takes - you should always be patient.

What's your favorite collection of yours so far and why?

The VicVerse SS23, it's our first collection for women, and for that, I will always remember that


As the owner of a brand that was born and operated in Dubai, what are your thoughts on the fashion industry in Dubai and where do you see it going?

There are a lot of amazing talents here in Dubai that are taking marketing in the city in a totally different direction. We are growing rapidly and all I can say is that the whole world is watching Dubai now.

As an entrepreneur that owns several businesses and brands, where do you see yourself in the next 10 years and do you see yourself expanding to different industries?

I am working on building the foundation of our holding company VBH. So years later, I see

myself focusing more on the holding and the brands under. Having said that, The House of Victor will always be managed by me personally.

What made you want to launch Victor Magazine and what is your vision for this publication?

The Victor Magazine is home to all talents. I have created it for all talents around the world to

know that there is a publication to highlight and support them regardless of their industry, reach, or demographics.

Since you come from a background rich in culture, do you see yourself doing a fashion show in Egypt?

It's funny you mentioned that, Yes I am thinking about that and that would be my personal gift to Egypt after being 10 years away.

What are the 3 most important things you’ve learned from the beginning of your journey until now?

Goal setting, Patience, and planning ahead.

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