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JCTHEDON, Enters The Game On Fire And Doesn't Plan To Leave Any Time Soon!

JC The Don (Born James Carter) is an American Rapper/Song Writer, from Huntsville, AL.

JC started out his music career in 2017, with his first EP “4 The Beginning” and hasn’t turned back since. His unique style, made up of singing melody and fast spitting lyrics, landed him a deal with United Masters, an American music distribution company founded by legendary Business Man and Hip Hop Author Steve Stoute. This makes JC a candidate to be an artist that will reach mainstream success in the coming years. His latest two singles "HitStick" and "Lakeshow" are currently buzzing in his city.

What Got You Into Music ? I was just trying to find a stress reliever as I was going through a lot in life, so I decided to try it out. This was about 2 years, I've been going strong ever since.

What is the Inspiration For Your Sound? Inspiration behind my sound, has to come from the pain that I have experienced from life situations. I really put my heart in my music.

How Did You're Lattet Single "Lakeshow" Come Together? Lake show came together with me being a Lakers fan, and also being a Lebron James fan. I have hopes of getting Lake Show on 2k as well, that is where the benefit of signing with United Masters comes in. Through United Masters , I’m able to request for my song to be looked at by their team, to be featured in NBA Arenas and all matters dealing with the NBA.

Where Do You See Yourself In The 10 Years? In 10 years, I see myself having my own label, with multiple other businesses and having one of the hottest artist signed to my label.

Since We Live In An Era Where Many People Are Attempting To Be Rappers, How Do You Plan To Differentiate Yourself From Your Peers? I just separate myself from other folk's sound by being myself. I found it works out in your favor being a genuine down to earth person, and that is my personality. I also feel like, people can recognize how real I am as a person, and that is what ultimately make me stand out from my peers.

Who Are 3 People You Dream Of Collaborate With?

Yo Gotti


Kevin Gate

Can You Talk To Us About “Hit Stick”?

Hit Stick was made off the strength of me wanting to get a song on Madden. Also, I used to play football, as you can see, that’s me on the cover from my semi pro days. I used to always come down the field hitting hard, so that’s why I called it HitStick !

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