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Lulu Al-Hasan Talks Being Saudi Arabia's First Shoe Designer, Her Hit TV Show And More.

Lulu Al-Hasan is a Saudi Arabian Shoe Designer and TV Show Host who started designing shoes after obtaining a certificate from Ars Sturoia – Milano for footwear designing in 2016. She started designing shoes for other brands such as Arwa Al Banawi, Daneh Buahmad and Nora Al Shaikh before debuting her own brand Luvixen at London Fashion Week. Al-Hasan is also the host of a very well know TV show on SBC TV called Design which sheds a spotlight on talented Saudis that are doing extraordinary things from all different areas of design. Lulu Al-Hasan talks about how she started in the shoe design industry, being one of the few Saudis in the profession, her debut at London Fashion Week, the second season of her TV show and much more.

Watch the interview below:

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