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Meet Shadi, the charismatic emcee bringing great energy to every event in the UAE.

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

If you've ever attended any of the many exciting events that take place in Dubai, then there is no doubt that you've come across Shadi, he is an emcee, commentator and a very well known figure in the entertainment industry. His outgoing nature and big personality gave him an early start, he began his career in his favorite spot, the basketball court. His first gig was hosting small basketball tournaments and from there, his career took off. He's accumulated several big wins under his belt over the years, emceeing at the Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as well as hosting a TV series for Reebok Mena. He is also the youngest person to ever be a UFC presenter in the region. Shadi is a down to earth figure who approaches every interaction with kindness and manages to make a lasting impression on every single person he meets and there is no doubt that he is on the path to greatness. Shadi talks his beginnings as an emcee, the events industry in the UAE and more.

-What kind of personality did you have at school? Did you always have a big personality and an extroverted nature?

 yes, I would say I always had a big personality, making people laugh in class and excelling in sports.

-What was the first interaction that made you fall in love with Emceeing?  

I think I was a natural, I always had a lot to say and asked many many questions as a kid. I would also always say what I'm thinking during football matches or so, even early on, adults were agreeing with my opinions about sports and other stuff, so it gave me a lot of confidence.

-As an Emcee, you’ve had a first hand encounter with Dubai's music scene, what are your thoughts on the scene and where do you see it going in the coming years? 

I think the Dubai music scene is growing and it's only going to get better and bigger. This amazing country provides so much support to artists and creatives in so many different forms. We see more and more artists coming down to perform and some artists are even moving to live in Dubai/Abu Dhabi. I see it becoming the hottest city in the world when it comes to music.

-What was your favorite event you hosted/emceed and why? 

If I had to name 1 event, it would be Freek's Album launch for "150". That moment meant a lot to me, seeing the fruition of a journey that my friend has been on for over 10 years. 

-From your point of view, how has the Dubai event’s industry evolved in the past years, how was it when you started and how is it now?

Just the sheer number of artists and creatives is noticeable, there a lot more people who actually want to pursue this as a career, not just a part time hobby thing.

-With your most recent milestone being that you were the youngest MC to ever host a UFC event, how did that moment make you feel?

I was the youngest to ever do commentary on UFC Arabia, the First Sudanese commentator and the first African to have those honors. I'm confident those will stand the test of time, however, my goal is do commentary with Joe Rogan and DC on the English commentary.

-Being that you've been able to work with many different brands through your Emceeing skills, what advice do you have for people looking to capitalize on their skills and work with brands?

Honestly, I would love to have some solid advice, but the recent pandemic has flipped the game on it's head. With so many people moving into Dubai, artists, influencers and generally people who have a large following from every other region, I feel like the game has been more number focused. It changed from the pre-pandemic times where, I would see artists with a small following have brand sponsorships and what not. 

-Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I better be doing commentary with Joe Rogan and DC for UFC.

-From the beginning of your journey until now, what is the most important thing you've learned?

What you believe in and envision will actually manifest itself the same way you imagined it.

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