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Netflix Expanded It's Emergency Relief Fund To The Arab Region, Giving $500,000 To Arab Filmmakers.

In collaboration with the Arab Fund of Arts & Culture (AFAC), Netflix has announced an expansion of its emergency relief fund, which is valued at $500,000 to support the region’s film and television industries.

The fund, which was originally established in October 2020 following the Beirut port blast, will be provided in the form of individual grants of $2000. The fund will go to those Netflix described as ‘below the line crew, craftspeople and freelancers who are active in the television or film industry’.

In 2020, the two organizations awarded 246 grants to Lebanon’s film and television community. This time around, the fund has been expanded to the entire region, though.

“We have expanded the emergency fund to support more people from the Arab creative community,” Netflix said in a statement. “Forging the right partnerships allows us to create jobs, build talent pipelines and support the industry. We are so grateful to be working with AFAC and hope this fund supports the creative community during this difficult period.”

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