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Satwa 3000 Brings Street Culture To D3.

After it's March show, Satwa 3000 has taken over D3 with an exhibition featuring great artists and creatives from the region. Satwa 3000 was born as an ode to the colorful Dubai neighborhood of Satwa. Celebrating the melting pot of cultures, sounds, flavors, and people from all over the world that gathered in the same spot and city. The exhibition featured graffiti from IPOT and POSER - graffiti and tattoo artist from the Philippines, Lebanese illustrator RAM AFIFI and TESSELAT.

In the spirit of keeping things simple, they cast aside the color spectrum and any shades of gray leaving only black and white. By doing that, they brought cohesiveness to different styles while giving a raw street feel and bringing a focus on space, shape and line. All surfaces were painted in an immersive Black and White box.

Dintage also joined the exhibition with a curated mix of pre-owned luxury items and surprising thrift digs, challenging the status quo.

Visuals taken by: ANTIIMUSE.

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