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Styling With Habeeb Ahtay

Habeeb is a 24 year old wardrobe & jewelry stylist from Washington DC. He uses his skills and visibility to show & amplify the beauty of women in all their colors and sizes

-How did you start?

I grew being the best dresser among my peers. As i grew older and times got harder, I had to sell my ring fingers. I took that money, bought more jewelry and flipped it, which eventually got me into styling models in a diverse collection of jewelry.

-What changes would you like to inflict in fashion specifically and the world generally?

I just want to help people be free to dress how they want and free to be themselves. The fact that nobody is the same, is so beautiful to me and I love to show how beautiful our imperfections are. The evil criticisms of this world will subside as freedom grows.

-Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

The most sought after fashion producer on earth.

-Based on what you learned so far, what advice do you have for people chasing their dreams?

Your going to have to be solid & fearless about your mission if you want to see it come to see your dreams come to reality.

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