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This Startup Gives You A Chance to Own a Piece of Digital Fashion History

You may remember The Fabricant as the first fashion company to ever release an NFT. Their Iridescence dress sold for $9500 all the way back in March 2019. Well, now the digital couture house is teaming up with another powerhouse in RTFKT — the crypto brand that made history this February selling $3.1 million worth of NFT sneakers in seven mins. On April 16, the two heavy-weights of the Digital Fashion space dropped a co-branded collection exclusively via the Dematerialised marketspace. Titled “RenaiXance,” the NFT collection aims “to redefine the meaning of street-culture in the digital era.” The creators explained, “This NFT collection offers the community a chance to own a part of Digital Fashion history. It was a dream to secure exclusivity for this drop with the two leading brands in the space.”

The Fabricant team has designed each piece for “the Future Ancestors of the Metaverse.” Inspired by the new wave of fashion re-constructivists (creatives taking garments apart and reconstituting them back together) and the Renaissance period of the 1500s, the collection draws on the idea of fluidity while pushing back against fixed ideas of gender with corsets that are both archetypal and futuristic. Completing the look are RTFKT's latest sneakers, “where medieval and ancient aesthetics mix with a punk mentality to create a rebel spirit for the present.”

The “RenaiXance” collection is currently available on the Dematerialised.

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