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  • 12 Egyptian Rappers Presenting Arab Hip Hop To The World

    Egypt's rap scene has been flourishing in recent years, with a wave of talented artists breaking boundaries Marwan Pablo Renowned as "Egypt's Godfather of Trap," Marwan Pablo has rightfully earned his status as Ismailia and growing up in Cairo, Marwan Moussa unquestionably stands as one of the leading figures in Egypt's His rise to stardom within Egypt and the MENA region began with the release of his track "Dorak Gai" Afroto Undoubtedly, Afroto stands as one of Egypt's most renowned rappers, recognized for his exceptional

  • These Two Fearless Egyptian Ladies Are Teaching Millions Of Arab Women How To Code

    studying at the German University in Cairo, and later joined forces to launch the first coding bootcamp in Egypt since, as they partnered with Udacity to bring their Web Development Udacity Connect Nanodegree to Egypt AlMakinah partners with Udacity as well to bring Udacity's web development Nanodegree to Egypt. AlMakinah offers Egypts first technical bootcamp and offers credible technical training on coding and If you are in Egypt, or you are interested in more information, make sure to visit AlMakinah's website

  • Mawan Shahin: The Artist Who Helped Inspire The Egyptian Revolution.

    Marwan Shahin, is a visual artist from Egypt. attention when he created a mural of his infamous "The 2Vth (The Anonymous Pharaoh)” piece In Alexandria, Egypt -How was it growing up as an artist in Egypt? I wanted to create an iconic representation of the youth's revolution in Egypt. The reason why I approached this concept is because as an Egyptian artist, I always felt that Egypt's

  • Exclusive Look At Martin Victor- The Visionary Behind The Region's Fastest-Growing Fashion House

    Since you come from a background rich in culture, do you see yourself doing a fashion show in Egypt? It's funny you mentioned that, Yes I am thinking about that and that would be my personal gift to Egypt

  • How a Saudi Arabian AI startup is revolutionizing road safety across the world

    markets in which their offerings are currently used, the startup’s software is also used regionally in Egypt Argentina and Nigeria currently in process, as well as bids on additional projects in Saudi Arabia and Egypt

  • 10 Arab Jewelry Brands You Need to Shop From in 2024

    Azza Fahmy Azza Fahmy, the renowned Egyptian jewelry designer, is celebrated for her stunning and innovative Having been a fixture in Egypt for many years, Azza Fahmy's brand has expanded internationally, gracing Additionally, The Design Studio by Azza Fahmy stands as Egypt's inaugural professional jewelry-making

  • Will Arab K-Pop Go Global?

    It’s no secret: Arabs love K-Pop. with countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Morocco, Egypt and Qatar

  • From Khartoum To The World-9 Sudanese Creatives You Need To Follow in 2023

    She was born in Saudi Arabia and has lived in Egypt. Cairo University for three years before switching to studying cinema at the Academy of Arts in Cairo, Egypt ORE Productions, in 2017 in Khartoum, Sudan, Marwa Zein worked as an assistant director for renowned Egyptian

  • 8 Talented Sudanese Artists To Keep an Eye on This Year

    participating in numerous group and solo exhibitions and workshops across Sudan and beyond, including Ethiopia, Egypt

  • 14 Influential Arab Artists to Watch in 2023

    Global Thinker in 2016 for his monumental Cairo project, Perception, which spanned 50 buildings in the Egyptian Lara Baladi Lara Baladi, born in 1969, is a renowned Egyptian-Lebanese artist, archivist, and educator Middle East: the Arab Image Foundation in Lebanon and the Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art in Egypt 2006, Baladi founded the artist residency program "Fenenin el Rehal" (Arabic for "Nomadic Artists") in Egypt's Marwan Shahin Read More: Mawan Shahin: The Artist Who Helped Inspire The Egyptian Revolution.

  • 10 Arab Business Women You Should Know About.

    Amy Mowafi is the Co-Founder and CEO of MO4 Network, a leading creative and media agency in Egypt, with She was born and raised in the UK, moved to Egypt in 2002 and has been living there ever since. Amy is also the author of the book : Fe-mail: The trials and tribulations of being a Good Egyptian Girl Amy Mowafi is considered a symbol of success for women in Egypt as she offers an interesting perspective

  • 11 Inspiring Saudi Women That Changed the Game in Every Field in 2023

    as the first Arab and Saudi woman to achieve the extraordinary feat of swimming from Saudi Arabia to Egypt

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