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10 Jordanian Rappers Taking the Hip-Hop World by Storm in 2023

Updated: May 25, 2023

Jordan's hip-hop scene has been steadily growing, with talented artists emerging and pushing boundaries within the genre. From thought-provoking lyricism to captivating flows, these Jordanian rappers are making waves both locally and internationally. In this article, we highlight 10 Jordanian rappers that you should keep an eye on in 2023. Their unique styles, compelling storytelling, and dedication to their craft make them stand out in the evolving landscape of Jordanian hip-hop.

Bilal Shouly

Recognized by his stage name Shouly, Bilal Shouly is a Jordanian/Palestinian rap artist, vocalist, and lyricist. He comes from a family of Palestinian migrants and was brought up in Amman, Jordan. In 2014, he relocated to Chicago. From that point forward, Shouly has launched several creative endeavors such as ShuBasha and Ouffwhite. Additionally, he has put out various singles and music videos that have solidified his reputation within the emerging Arabic alternative hip-hop scene.


Ahmad Yaseen, AKA Satti, is a rapper and songwriter from Jordan. He is also known by the aliases Al-Hattab, meaning "the lumberjack," and El-Samurai El Sabeaa, translating to "The 7th Samurai." Satti was raised in Irbid, located in the northern region of Jordan, and is affiliated with Immortal Entertainment. Satti is also the founder of The Closet Sessions and Mamas. Productions.

El Far3i

Tareq Abu Kwaik AKA El Far3i is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and percussionist of Jordanian-Palestinian descent. He is presently part of the renowned Shamstep band called 47Soul, and he was previously a member of the Arabic rock group known as El Morabba3. Over the years, he has independently released a total of six solo albums since 2012. El Far3i initiated his solo journey in Amman, Jordan by showcasing his original acoustic and rap compositions in intimate local venues while simultaneously working on his debut full-length album. El Far3i enjoys a significant and dedicated fan base from various regions across the globe. His presence on social media platforms has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers, showcasing the wide reach and popularity of his music.


Al-Mukhtar is a Jordanian rapper and producer who is quickly making a name for himself in Jordan's rap scene thanks to his unique style which fuses rap and singing as well as lyrical content that reflects the environment and culture he lives in. He was the founder of 962 street, Jordan's biggest hip-hop movement in 2008 and was one of the founders of the hip-hop scene in Amman Jordan. He then started

working on his solo project. Al-Mukhtar has performed live on Jordan's biggest media outlet Roya TV and was recently featured in Big Hass's Jordan Cypher.


The Palestinian-Jordanian artist who recently relocated to Palestine embarked on his musical journey at the age of 17. Known as The Synaptik, he pursued a medical education for seven years and successfully graduated. His stage name draws inspiration from his fascination with the nervous system, neurotransmitters, and his personal experience with ADHD. Synaptik chose this name because he believes that it is where all the action takes place. The Synaptik has played a pioneering role in introducing a fresh wave of sound to Arab youth. His music is characterized by honest and powerful lyrics, showcased through a unique songwriting style that effortlessly blends singing and rapping. With the release of his impactful debut album and numerous performances at local, regional, and international venues, The Synaptik has firmly established himself as one of the influential figures in the Hip Hop scene within the region. Additionally, his eagerly awaited second album has generated much anticipation among his fans and followers.

El Faouri

El Faouri is a rapper based in Jordan. He initially started his musical journey in May 2010 under the name "R.B.K." Upon discovering Arabic rap through an online search, he was inspired by artists like Klash, who had a significant influence on him after listening to just three of his tracks. He then started releasing music and made a joint mixtape titled "Awlama" (Globalization), consisting of 11 tracks. Following the mixtape, El Faouri focused on releasing singles. El Faouri has gained significant success by creating unique music fusions that combine "Trap music" with "Bedouin music." These fusion tracks have garnered widespread acclaim and popularity.


Msallam Hdaib, aka Emsallam, is a multi-talented artist hailing from Jordan. He is a rapper, painter, and audiovisual artist who is currently based in Moscow. In 2016, Emsallam released his debut solo album titled "The Last Step," which is widely regarded as the first comprehensive trap album by any artist from Jordan. The album's hit track, 'Khawa,' featured a catchy chorus that became a popular catchphrase in Jordan and Palestine. In 2018, Emsallam continued to push creative boundaries by releasing "Ijramen Anhen," a track that blended Arab folk music with trap elements, setting the stage for an exciting fusion. His second album, "Post-Colonialism," was also released in 2018, showcasing his artistic growth and evolution. In 2020, under Keife Records, Emsallam released the album "Dyslexia." Beyond his music career, Emsallam holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and a Master's degree in Ceramics. He constantly alternates between and merges his creative expressions in music and fine/visual arts. Regardless of the medium, Hdaib fearlessly tackles taboo subjects and offers unapologetic commentary, drawing upon his deep understanding of the political, cultural, and artistic history of his region and beyond.


Mahasneh, a talented hip-hop artist, is based in Amman and began his career at the young age of 16 in 2018. Since then, he has gained prominence in the MENA region by consistently releasing singles for over two years. Recently, he unveiled his highly anticipated album titled "Fakher El Madineh," featuring collaborations with various regional artists such as Emsallam, BigSam, The Synaptik, Dodix, and El Far3i. Mahasneh is widely regarded as one of the finest talents of his generation, exerting influence on the music scene in Jordan. His album "Fakher El Madineh" not only garnered recognition and appreciation from music enthusiasts in Jordan but also gained traction throughout the MENA region, amassing over 4 million streams. Through his artistry, Mahasneh explores themes of love, diaspora, mental health, and his personal experiences over the years. Currently pursuing his college education in New York, he is also working on his new album, further showcasing his dedication to his craft and artistic growth. Mahasneh is also the founder of Amman Records.


Jordanian rapper Shbash has been honing his unique style, characterized by captivating flows, syncopated rhythms, and introspective songwriting. His music seamlessly blends sonic elements of electronica with his distinctively auto-tuned vocals, creating a signature sound that sets him apart. His most notable singles include Sawarekh, 7afleh, and 5A6AR.


Arsee is an artist, producer, and audio engineer specializing in Hip Hop and Trap music. Born in Russia, and raised in Jordan, his passion for music began at the age of 14. After completing high school, he enrolled in the SAE Institute to further his education in audio engineering. In 2018, he made his entry into the local music scene, embarking on his journey as a professional in the industry.

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