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12 Egyptian Rappers Presenting Arab Hip Hop To The World

Updated: May 31, 2023

Egypt's rap scene has been flourishing in recent years, with a wave of talented artists breaking boundaries and captivating audiences with their unique styles and thought-provoking lyrics. It's time to shed light on 12 Egyptian rappers who are making a significant impact on the music landscape. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, these artists are pushing the boundaries of creativity and elevating the Egyptian rap scene to new heights.

Marwan Pablo

Renowned as "Egypt's Godfather of Trap," Marwan Pablo has rightfully earned his status as a rap maestro. With his rapid-fire delivery and hard-hitting beats, Pablo consistently delivers chart-topping hits that captivate audiences. Every release from Pablo, be it his viral single "Dhaba" with an impressive 23 million views on YouTube, or his track "Racore," showcases his ability to create infectious bangers that leave a lasting impact.

Marwan Moussa

Hailing from Ismailia and growing up in Cairo, Marwan Moussa unquestionably stands as one of the leading figures in Egypt's thriving hip-hop scene. His captivating music consistently dominates the "most-streamed" charts, reflecting his immense popularity among listeners. Demonstrating his expanding reach, Moussa was recently featured in a music video for the game Valorant, collaborating with Riot Games to create an impactful visual experience.


Wegz, whose real name is Ahmed Ali and was born in 1998, is a prominent Egyptian singer and actor. His rise to stardom within Egypt and the MENA region began with the release of his track "Dorak Gai" on March 11, 2020. The song quickly garnered immense popularity, accumulating over 24 million views on YouTube within a mere two months. Wegz further solidified his position as a notable artist by becoming the most streamed Egyptian singer on Spotify in both 2020 and 2021.


Perrie, an Egyptian-Moroccan rapper, made a significant achievement by being appointed as the inaugural female ambassador for Spotify's Equal Arabia initiative. This initiative aims to showcase and support female Arab musicians, and Perrie's appointment was celebrated with a remarkable billboard displayed in the iconic Times Square in New York City in March. Perrie's journey has been remarkable, starting from her early singing endeavors at the age of eight to her current role as a multifaceted artist, involved in writing, composing, and producing her own track titled "El Sa3a Tes3a".


Undoubtedly, Afroto stands as one of Egypt's most renowned rappers, recognized for his exceptional ability to blend shaabi music with rap, resulting in irresistibly catchy hits. Afroto's talent shines through in tracks like "FAR2 KHEBRA" and "Msh Bel 7ozoz," where he flawlessly combines the two genres to create an infectious and captivating musical experience.


Wait, does Lil Wayne secretly have a younger Egyptian brother?

DizzyTooSkinny is on the rise in the rap world with 33,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and 1.7 million plays on Anghami. Dizzy adds his unique use of technology in his music and that really makes him stand out from the rest. With big hits like ‘Pluto‘ and ‘STR3‘, we know you’ll cancel your plans and vibe with his songs on repeat.


Lege-Cy has established himself as one of the leading artists who consistently dominates streaming charts in Egypt. Despite his young age, this independent artist possesses impressive talents, as he writes, produces, and sings all of his own music. Lege-Cy's dedication to crafting his unique sound and taking creative control over his work has contributed to his success in capturing the attention and admiration of audiences.


In our lives, there are moments when we feel misunderstood, and music often becomes the medium through which we can truly be heard. Moscow, with his raw and honest lyrics, skillfully expresses his emotions and observations about society. With a dedicated following of 49,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and an impressive 4.9 million plays on Anghami, Moscow's music resonates with a wide audience.

Moscow's fast-paced rap skills serve as a powerful tool for delivering his message. Through his artistry, he demonstrates his unwavering commitment and determination as an artist, never faltering in his pursuit of self-expression and truth.


Mandou, a extraordinary rapper, has garnered a substantial following with 13,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and 800K plays on Anghami. His unique style incorporates a fusion of Arabic and English lyrics, resulting in a captivating blend of Western and Egyptian influences. Notably, Mandou has successfully collaborated with prominent figures such as singer/actress Lella Fadda and Egyptian Rapper Marwan Pablo, showcasing his ability to thrive in the industry.

If you haven't had the opportunity to experience his music, now is the perfect time, as Mandou recently unveiled his latest single, 'Ballin,' available on all major music platforms.

Abo El Anwar

In just three years, Abo El Anwar, a talented musician from Cairo, has swiftly emerged as a prominent figure in Egypt's vibrant music scene, achieving remarkable success at the young age of 22. Despite the existence of rivalry and competition within the industry, Abo El Anwar has managed to forge collaborations with several artists, including some featured on this list. His ability to collaborate and work alongside fellow musicians demonstrates his versatility and willingness to create meaningful connections within the industry.


Abyusif, an intriguing and enigmatic artist, ventured into the hip-hop scene later in life after exploring other genres such as metal and rock music. Despite maintaining a low online presence on most social media platforms, Abyusif has managed to collaborate with renowned brands and has achieved remarkable success since his music debut in 2018. His captivating style has resonated with audiences, amassing an impressive 44 million views on YouTube, solidifying his position as a rising star in the industry.


Sara Elmessiry, also known as Felukah, gracefully navigates Egypt's rap scene, leaving an indelible mark. Often compared to iconic artists such as Leonard Cohen and Patti Smith, Sara effortlessly infuses her music with poetic subtleties.

Beyond the captivating beats she crafts, it is Felukah's lyrics that truly penetrate the depths of one's being, thanks to her raw and unfiltered expression. Her words resonate with listeners, evoking a sense of relatability and authenticity.

By skillfully merging Arabic and English in her lyrics, Felukah embarks on a journey that explores the profound beauty of both languages, all while steadfastly embracing her Egyptian identity.

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