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14 Saudi Podcasts That Deserve a Spot in Your Playlist

In recent years, podcasts have become an increasingly popular medium for entertainment, education, and information dissemination. Saudi Arabia, with its vibrant cultural landscape and rapidly growing digital presence, has witnessed a surge in podcast production, covering a wide array of topics ranging from culture and history to technology and entrepreneurship. As we step into 2024, here are 14 Saudi podcasts that deserve a spot in your playlist:

Pass The Kabsa

Hosted by the energetic trio of Adel, Shamsi, and Turks, this unique podcast offers a humorous, raw, and authentic look at various topics, from news and trends to pop culture, relationships, and music, all viewed from a Saudi perspective. Achieving cult status within Saudi urban subculture, the podcast is part of a broader cultural shift in the Kingdom, merging Arab hip-hop, Western influences, and Saudi sensibilities.

The Kabsa boys, driven by their passion for Saudi culture and hip-hop, boldly explore each subject, sharing their candid and unfiltered views. This fearless approach makes the podcast an invaluable source of both entertainment and enlightenment for its listeners, providing a distinctive mix of amusement and insight.

Gems of Arabia

Authenticite - Gems of Arabia is not just a podcast; it's an immersive audio-visual experience curated by the renowned fashion designer, Hatem Alakeel. With a keen eye for uncovering hidden treasures, Gems of Arabia embarks on a journey to illuminate the sparkling gems scattered across the Arab world.

Centered on Saudi Arabia, this podcast offers audiences a captivating glimpse into the visionary minds shaping the future of not just the Kingdom but the entire Middle East. Through insightful interviews conducted by Hatem himself, listeners will have the privilege of delving into the worlds of fashion, current events, art, entertainment, and beyond.

Expect to be enthralled as Hatem engages with some of the most distinguished personalities from the region, each offering their unique perspective and expertise. Whether it's unraveling the latest trends in fashion, dissecting pressing issues in current affairs, or celebrating the vibrant arts and entertainment scene, Gems of Arabia promises to be an enriching and enlightening odyssey through the cultural landscape of the Arab world.

The Mo Show

Led by host Mohammed Islam, The Mo Show stands as a pioneering force in the realm of English-language podcasts in Saudi Arabia. With an impressive roster of 117 episodes and counting, this podcast serves as a platform for engaging conversations with remarkable individuals hailing from diverse backgrounds and industries.

From intimate personal anecdotes to insightful discussions on business, technology, and beyond, The Mo Show offers listeners a multifaceted exploration of the human experience. With each episode, Mohammed Islam deftly guides his audience through a rich tapestry of narratives, providing invaluable insights and perspectives that resonate far beyond the confines of the podcast.

Notable guests who have graced the show include luminaries such as the Saudi ambassador to the US, Princess Rema Al Saud, trailblazing Saudi female race car driver Reem Al Juffali, and the visionary CEO of Red Film Festival, Mohammed Al Turki.

Let Me Be the One to Say

Introducing a predominantly English podcast hailing from Saudi Arabia: a delightful rendezvous of casual conversations revolving around the realms of communication, marketing, and culture. Step into the vibrant atmosphere of the "mad house" as creator and communication aficionado Jawahir, along with her eclectic circle of friends, delves into the art of conversation itself.

In this engaging podcast, listeners are invited to immerse themselves in candid discussions that traverse the intricate landscapes of language, marketing strategies, and cultural dynamics. With Jawahir at the helm, each episode offers a unique blend of insight, humor, and camaraderie, making it a must-listen for anyone passionate about the nuances of communication in today's global landscape.

So, whether you're a seasoned professional looking to glean pearls of wisdom or simply a curious soul eager to explore the intricacies of human interaction, come join the conversation and embark on an enlightening journey with Jawahir and her merry band of conversationalists.

Riyadh Art Podcast

Presenting Riyadh Art's premier podcast show, this innovative podcast delves into the vibrant world of art and culture in Saudi Arabia through the lens of its hosts, engaging in lively discussions with a captivating lineup of special guests, ranging from international stars to local luminaries.

Led by esteemed hosts, listeners are invited to embark on a journey that celebrates the diversity and creativity shaping the kingdom's cultural landscape. Each episode promises a rich tapestry of insights and perspectives, offering an immersive exploration of the transformative power of art.

From insightful conversations to thought-provoking analyses, Riyadh Art's podcast serves as a dynamic platform for fostering dialogue and appreciation for the arts.

Let's Talk Saudi

Embark on a journey of cultural discovery with the Let's Talk Saudi Podcast. Beyond the headlines lies the true essence of Saudi Arabia, waiting to be unveiled through the stories of its people. Join the hosts as they delve into the lives and experiences of those who call this diverse country home. Through intimate conversations and insightful discussions, listeners gain a deeper understanding of Saudi Arabia's rich heritage and vibrant community. From personal narratives to cultural insights, each episode offers a captivating glimpse into the heart and soul of this captivating nation.

Power of the Game Podcast

Welcome to "Power of the Game," a Saudi Golf podcast hosted by Robbie Greenfield.

Throughout this series, Robbie engages with a wide spectrum of golf industry professionals and influential figures to explore the profound impact of this remarkable sport. Discover how Saudi Arabia's ambitious projects are shaping it into a leading force in the global golfing community.

Don't miss out on any episodes – subscribe now to stay up to date with all the insightful discussions.

The Nuwa Capital podcast

Nuwa Capital stands at the forefront of investment innovation, bridging the gap between aspiring entrepreneurs and unparalleled venture capital expertise in emerging markets. With bases in Dubai and Riyadh, this dynamic investment platform unites visionary entrepreneurs with seasoned professionals, leveraging a proven track record to drive value creation in the venture landscape.

At the core of Nuwa Capital's philosophy is a founder-centric approach, designed to empower entrepreneurs and nurture their growth journey. Through strategic mentorship networks and a steadfast commitment to fostering collaboration, the team cultivates an ecosystem where founders are not just supported but actively engaged in the success of portfolio companies.

By championing a founder-led ethos and cultivating strategic partnerships, Nuwa Capital paves the way for innovation and success in the ever-evolving world of venture investment.

The Quality of Life Podcast

"Quality of Life," is the newest podcast Saudi Arabia, the GCC, and beyond. Hosted by none other than Raha Moharrak, the youngest Arab and the first Saudi woman to conquer Mount Everest, this groundbreaking series is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives through wellness and sport.

Join Raha each week as she sits down with renowned figures from the GCC and around the globe, delving into topics such as nutrition, exercise, life lessons, and the latest trends in wellness. From practical tips to philosophical insights, "Quality of Life" covers it all, offering listeners a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

Vision, Culture and Policy

"Vision, Culture and Policy" Delves into the complexities of the Kingdom's vibrant arts scene and discover the profound relationship between its people and their creative expressions. Gain insights into what propels Saudi Arabia's unwavering commitment to nurturing its cultural heritage as the series unravels the intricacies behind its cultural policy. Tune in to witness firsthand the remarkable growth of Saudi Arabia's cultural economy, capturing the attention of global audiences in art and culture circles worldwide.

The 966

THE 966 presents a weekly deep dive into the multifaceted landscape of Saudi Arabia. Produced by the team behind the most extensively read daily email newsletter on the Kingdom, THE 966 offers engaging discussions and interviews with prominent figures in business, government, and media.

Hosted by Richard Wilson, this podcast goes beyond the surface to explore the diverse spectrum of news, personalities, and issues shaping Saudi Arabia today. From dissecting the intricate dynamics of the U.S.-Saudi relationship to delving into topics such as oil and energy, security, defense, and cultural nuances, THE 966 provides unparalleled insights into the Kingdom's complexities.

Bedouin's Coffee Corner

Bedouin’s Coffee Corner is a beloved Saudi podcast hosted by Sabal Almadi, an Arab American journalist residing in Saudi Arabia. At the heart of this podcast lies a noble mission: to provide a platform for guests to celebrate their cultural heritage with pride and passion.

Through engaging conversations and insightful interviews, Bedouin’s Coffee Corner invites listeners to explore the unique facets of each guest's culture, fostering a deeper understanding of what sets their heritage apart. More than just a podcast, it catalyzes embracing and celebrating the rich tapestry of history and tradition that defines us all. Join Sabal Almadi and her guests as they share stories, insights, and memories, inspiring listeners to cherish and embrace their cultural roots.

Bala Kalam Fathi

Presented by the dynamic young Saudi host, Basma Alhamdan, Bala Kalam Fathi is a podcast that shines a spotlight on the pressing social issues confronting our community. From the challenges of code-switching and bilingualism to navigating the job search process, this podcast fearlessly delves into a diverse array of topics that resonate with many listeners.

Join Basma Alhamdan as she leads candid discussions, offering insights, perspectives, and practical advice on a range of issues affecting our daily lives. Whether you're grappling with cultural identity or seeking guidance in your career journey, Bala Kalam Fathi provides a supportive space to explore, learn, and grow together.

Kanabat Alsabt

Tune in to Kanabat Alsabt, a thought-provoking podcast helmed by Dr. Afnan, delving deep into the social, psychological, and philosophical dynamics of our community. With a keen focus on shedding light on crucial societal issues, this podcast offers invaluable insights into topics such as mental health in the workplace.

Join Dr. Afnan as she navigates the complexities of mental well-being, providing practical advice on how to cope with and overcome challenges. From discussions on identifying workplace stressors to strategies for resilience and self-care, Kanabat Alsabt serves as a beacon of support and guidance for listeners seeking to prioritize their mental health amidst the demands of daily life.

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