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5 Drink Champs Episodes You Should Watch For Motivation.

Hosted by the legendary N.O.R.E and DJ EFN, Drink Champs is known as the most professional unprofessional podcast. The hosts sit down with some of the most legendary figures in Hip Hop culture to pay homage to them, share iconic stories and discuss pushing the culture forward. With a guest list that includes people like Pit-bull, Nas, Rick Ross, Fat Joe and much more, knowledge and gems are always being dropped in this show. With that being said, here 5 Drink Champs episodes that are guaranteed to motivate you.

1-Swizz Beats

On this episode, the legendary Swizz beats pulled up to the Drink Champs podcast for Happy Hour with N.O.R.E., DJ EFN along special guest Angela Yee. The super producer was fresh off of the celebration a hit song with Lil Wayne and the completion of a Harvard course when he did the show. Therefore, Swizz came filled with big energy and motivation. He spoke about being underrated, his business moves, what we learned from his Harvard course, as well fatherhood and co-parenting and much more. This episode is sure to motivate you as Swizz breaks down how he keeps his life balanced in order to be able to progress and move ahead.

2-DJ Khaled

In this 3 hour episode, the one and only DJ Khaled pulled up to Drink Champs and broke down his musical journey in detail for the first time. He shared stories from his underground radio days to co-hosting a radio show with Uncle Luke. He talks about his love for reggae and dance hall, and how grateful he is to Beyoncé and JAY-Z. Khaled also talked about his friendship with Drake, and his evolution as a producer to a hitmaker! DJ EFN and DJ Khaled even reminisce about the early days, coming up in Miami, recording freestyles for mixtapes, and deejaying clubs. This episode was filled with keys... Major Keys that is! And you do not want to miss it.


In this episode, pop star Akon shared his story, from growing up in the rough streets of Jersey as a Senegalese immigrant and being locked up, to becoming a hit maker and signing Lady Gaga. He also spoke about being more financially responsible, shared some advice on investing, and also the economic influence of Africa. He talked about his initiatives in Africa, including bringing electricity to Africa, building his own city in Senegal and creating his own Crypto currency.

4-Dame Dash

In this episode, Hip Hop mogul Dame Dash sits down with N.O.R.E and DJ E.F.N. The Rocafella co-founder brought his raw unfiltered energy and passion to the show as he talked about his history in the music business and well as his current projects and his feelings about stepping away from the music industry. N.O.R.E. and Dame Dash also discussed their long history of working together through music and films, as well as working together in the future. Dame Dash always makes sure to preach independence, empowerment and consciousness every time he is on a mic, this Drink Champs episode was no exception.

5-Daymond John

Entrepreneur and Shark Tank host Daymond John hops on the Drink Champs podcast with N.O.R.E and DJ EFN in this almost 2 hour long special. He talked about how he started his entrepreneurial journey in the gritty streets of New York, his biggest boss moves, working with Obama and his future vision for FUBU. This episode was filled with gems as John shared his story of how he went from selling newspapers and looking for coins between the coach, to building a billion dollar brand, working with Obama and being a co-host in one of the biggest shows on TV.

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