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A Saudi Arabian Music Producer On The Rise: Safwan

Safwan is a music producer from Saudi Arabia , he produces beats and instrumentals in the Hip Hop and Funk Genres. He was born in Jeddah in 1993 . He lives in Yanbu , graduated from Yanbu industrial college with a high Mechanical Diploma in 2015 and a BS degree in the same college.

Tell Us About Your Music And How That Started?

I started making music in 2012 because I always wanted to be a producer, I feel the beat more than the lyrics , so that's how I hot into production. I make Hip-Hop and dance beats. But most of what I make and I'm perfect for is Hip-Hop and Funk.

How Is It Doing That In Saudi?

I'm just trying my best and reach the top, no matter where I'm at. It doesn't matter where you are, you will make it if you are very talented and believe in yourself.

What Do You Think About The Up And Coming Music Scene In Saudi And How Do You See Yourself Contributing To It?

Hip-Hop in Saudi is getting more popular unlike the old days , and it's kinda being accepted today. There's are a lot of Hip-Hop fans in Saudi. And me as a producer, i think I'm gonna make it , because I know I'm doing something real, plus there aren't much Hip-Hop producers in Saudi specially with what I'm doing, so there is a chance.

Where Do You See Yourself In 5-10 Years Career Wise?

One of the best Hip-Hop producers in the Middle East.

Every Visionary Goes Through Trials And Tribulations, What Are/Were Yours?

It’s simple, my job, it’s killing me,. If I was free I would do my thing and make it to the top faster.

What Are 3 Things You Would Like To Change In The Music/Hip Hop Scenes In KSA?

- A lot of rappers here don’t know much about the history of the musicologists in the genre and that’s a problem. 

- There’s not much RnB or NeoSoul vocalist. 

- There’s no real support or interest in media for underground producers and rappers or singers just like me. I think I’m good at making music and I produce several genres but I still don't even having a Small fan base , and to me, I’m not looking for fame I just make what i love , but that’s the thing, there’s no real support.

How Do People React To You Being A Saudi Based Producer?

I’m not even popular yet, but I'll talk to you about the people around me , I get supported from most people around me and they think it’s rare and good to be a Saudi producer.

Who Are 5 Artists You Would Like To Work With?(Local Or Foreign)?

1- Dalia Mobarak

2- Tamtam

3- Qusai

4- Loulwa

5- Majed Jordan

Safwan's Advice To You: 

Never Say Never

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