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The Journey Of A Serial Entrepreneur

Roger Moore is an event planner/ content provider for his city's local magazine and the owner of the cultural clothing outlet TRYBE and the event company Moore Entertainment

How did you start?

I started my own event planning business at 18, which branched off into event photography, designing and event promoting. I also helped friends who are starting businesses with planning, photography needs,marketing and promotion

How was it starting at 18?

Well, i had graduated in the 11th grade at 17 years old. I wanted a business that was mobile, i didn't really need startup money or an office. I chose event planning because I was always planning events for school and family, i started going out to clubs and meeting the owners and they would ask me for ideas to attract more customers. My mother was supportive and made a good name in business in our small town in a matter of months. Later on i got addicted to the party lifestyle and got into some trouble, but now i am back.

What are you currently working on?

Working with Burlington magazine and growing my events company, Moore Entertainment, and about to plan some big events in my city.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Running multiple businesses with offices around the world, traveling freely,using my money to positively influence people and maybe become a politician.

So, you meditate daily, how does that help with business?

It helps a lot with brainstorming and coming up with new ideas and designs, makes me more creative in general.

Finally, advice you have for entrepreneurs such as yourself?

Focus on yourself and not those around you! Build yourself and believe that the universe is yours!

Think futuristic-ally.

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