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Chyno From Fareeq Al Atrash And Founder of The Arena Talks Being A Hip Hop Artist In The Arab World.

Nasser Shorbaji AKA Chyno, is a Syrian/Filipino rapper based in Beirut. He is part of the Hip Hop collective, Fareeq Al Atrash and co-founder of the Arena (Alhalaba), the First Official Battle Rap League in the Middle East.

How Is It Being A Rapper In Beirut?

- Its a tough hustle to grow your career. I've been doing this for a while now and I find myself weaving through different avenues within Hip Hop culture to make my projects financially sustainable. I'm learning a lot in the process and hopefully with that knowledge I can help the next generation make it a lucrative endeavor for themselves if they choose the Hip Hop route as well.

Why Did You Choose Hip Hop As Your Craft?

-When I first heard of Hip Hop back in 93-94 when I was living in Saudi Arabia, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. The style, the expression and especially the strong bond that peers have with each other. Which was Something i lacked having a diverse background.Since I couldn't fit in, I would use Hip Hop to find my individuality. Hip Hop figures became the people that were most respected and loved. So when it comes to Hip Hop, I owe it a lot and give it my all. First thing is put your heart and the money will come later on.

What is the most meaningful song/project you have ever done?

-That would be my debut album "Making Music To Feel At Home". So much of me was put into this album, and it really paid off. Because of that album, I was able to tour Europe , earn the credibility to work on other incredible and interesting projects like "El Dahleen" and it all kind of snow balled from there.

What Kind Of Impact/Change Would You To Inflict?

-Just motivation for young people to do the things that they love, and really represent who they are, regardless of the obstacles.

Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years.

-I'd like to be a producer, running a label, producing entire projects for people and guiding fresh, young talent to reach their goals.

You Have Anything Coming Up That We Should look Out For?

-The Arena is continuously dropping the best rap battles out of the middle east, so keep your eye out for those. I'm currently working on 2 musical projects. An album with Jordanian rapper, Synaptik, called "Terminal" and another album with Lebanese producer, Al Rajul Al Hadidi, called The Merchants Of Menace.

Chyno's Advice For You: Work Hard And Work With Your Heart!

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