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Dubai based African starboy Jones Ikomboy, is making his mark, one wavy tune a time.

Jones The Ikom Boy is a Nigerian born Dubai based international singer and producer. Previously signed to his then record label ‘Green Light Recordings’, Jones The Ikom Boy joined a dynamic roster of MENA based artists.

Jones has performed alongside international artists such as Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole, Tove Lo, Enrique Iglesias, Big Sean, Sean Paul and many more. Of the back of his success with the smash hit single ‘Abu Dabbin’, Jones linked up with rapper Chipmunk and Red Cafe for the ‘Abu Dabbin’ remix which reached over 2 million views on Youtube.

Jones The Ikom Boy has worked with a host of international stars as well as his highlight collaboration with Red Cafe, Wiz Khalifa and French Montana for the music video, ‘God Wanted us to be lit’. Jones The Ikom Boy is one of the few Nigerian producers that has worked with Universal Music and was recently re-posted as one of the final contestants in Nicki Minaj’s Megatron Challenge on Instagram last year. Jones is currently based in Dubai working on international collaborations and perfecting his Hip Hop/Afro sound.

When did your love for music start?

From as far back as I can remember. Choir in the church where I found myself playing instruments By God’s grace.

-When did you put out your first record?

I cannot really put a date on that but I would say somewhere between 2011-2012.

-Tell us about moving to Dubai, when did you first make that move and why?

I came to Dubai in 2011 for studies.

-How was the music scene in Dubai when you first arrived and how did you see it evolve?

They were a few open mic nights and one or two notable performers, but I would say it was still coming up

-Tell us about the famous Dubai group S.O.S and the story behind that group coming together.

Well, it was just four guys and a man with vision. Two guys were already together, and I was discovered during one of my ‘UFRO’ nights and then when I was working as a promoter at c-club. The visioner then was mostly interested in how I could bring so many people together. He would later come to find out that being a singer, producer and songwriter I would be useful to the group In more ways than one.

Some of the greatest experiences of my career like performing and opening for the likes of wiz khalifa, J.Cole, Travis Scott, Kevin hart, to name a few, were during my time with the guys

All in all I’ll always appreciate and respect my experience with the guys who are still some of the most talented people I have worked with.

-How did it feel getting your first hit with “Abu Dhabbin”?

I remember sitting with the guys and watching the views increase every time we refreshed. It was the first time in my career I started to feel like an accomplished artist.

-What's your favorite song of yours so far?

All my tracks are special to me, but in terms of the way I managed to execute my sound, I would say

504 south, Second only to Good life.

-What are 5 dream collaborations of yours?

Burna boy

Justin beiber

Kanye west

Chance the rapper


Being that your an African artist based in Dubai, have you perhaps thought about blending your style of music with a local/Arab style of music to create something new?

Yes I have in fact thought about that. I’ve Considered even working with many Arab artists but it’s not as easy as you would expect. I’ve collaborated with artists all around the world but somehow the artists in the region are not so easy to work with. It’s always an issue with availability or delay or something. Regardless I am determined to pay homage with my sound to the region that had contributed so much to my career. I’ve produced for a few Arabic singers like shebani and sultan, but that’s about it at the moment.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years by God’s grace I would have become one of the top song writers in the world with at least 10 global hits and a couple of Grammies in categories that include songwriter, producer, pop, r and b and so on

Tell us about the business side of music, how is it navigating the industry and making a living off of music?

I think it is the 70 percent that is overlooked. I advice any upcoming artist to quickly align themselves with PR and a manger that know the industry. It’s a bit of a madness trying to do it all by yourself. There is no truly self made person; that’s a fallacy. Do your part and align yourself with other parts of the machine, that’s how it works.

As for making a living, unless you wanna be doing night gigs at pubs and bars be prepared to invest for the long run. I don’t look to make change off music, I’m looking for hits: this will make the money run after you. If you go into music with the intention of making money you have already failed. Let the passion lead you, when you have made an impact in the lives of people with your music, then the money will follow. That’s what I tell myself

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