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Eclectic duo Aziz.wav and NBL release their long awaited EP, Oceana

With the end of the summer nearing, Riyadh's own Aziz.wav and Bahrain based Saudi/Palestinian producer NBL, release their joint EP, Oceana, to keep the summer vibes going. The 3 track EP is a new wave of Afrosoul characterized by many as a timeless soundscape. Constructed and crafted carefully to accommodate for all occasions desired by the fire in your heart. Flaunting natural sounds such as the Saxophone, guitar and the bongos, but also drizzled with synthetic sounds to remain with the times.

Having Executive production and composition over the EP, NBL allowed AZIZ.wav to put pen to paper, and speak to his audience through his music. With stanzas that can remain memorable to fans at both stadium performances and morning car rides.

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