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Meet Kuwait's Leading Indie Band: Galaxy Juice

Galaxy Juice is a Indie/Psychedelia band based in the Gulf Nation of Kuwait. Galaxy Juice is made up of 5 members: Salem Al-Salem, the vocalist/guitarist, Bader Al-Salem, the synthzier/drummer/vocalist, Fahad Al-Qubaa Synthesizer/Vocalist, Abdullah Asem, bass, Mohammed Al-Owaisi, drummer/percussions. Galaxy Juice is a one of a kind band in the region as, they are mixing Psychedelia and Khaliji musical elements to create a new sound.

How is it being an Indie/psychedelia band in Kuwait?

Well, it was hard being an Indie band in Kuwait at first. But, we were incredibly lucky to get a loyal fan base that supported and encouraged us to keep doing what we love to do.

-Can You Tell Us about The "Alternative Music" Scene In Kuwait?

The scene here is still growing slowly but surely, we feel like our mission is to keep pushing until we get global recognition. We have many talented people here in all fields of art and music.

How did the band come together?

We were High School buddies actually, we were in two separate bands that eventually joined together, and we decided to record our first album "Crystal Dunes", and it all started from there.

-How did people initially react your music and sound?

Surprisingly, very well. We were overwhelmed by people's reaction, because we weren't really trying to please anyone. We were just playing the music that we loved, and it really touched a lot of people, so it was really amazing.

Your latest single Dancing Night was infused with some Khaliji elements, do you see a future where Arabia will have it's own sound when it comes to Indie bands?

Yes, for sure. We are releasing an album this year called Galaxy Juice and the forty thieves. It will be based around this whole idea of Khaliji identity infused with guitars and synthesizers, so, yeah we are looking forward to that new sound.

-Would you ever consider collaborating with artists from different genres such as Arabic music or Hip Hop?

Actually, we already did collab with a Hip Hop/Rap artist called "2rabu". He's based in Japan and Kuwait, he's an amazing Artist that you should check out. We did a song together called "Carry on", which you can find on our SoundCloud.

What are 5 dream collabs of yours?

That's a hard one, but let's say:

Snoop Dog,



Kali Uchis

Kevin Parker.

-Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Still doing what we are doing now, and touring the world .

Any plans to come to Saudi soon?

We were very happy to play in the MDL Beast festival in Riyadh last December, and sharing stage with many great international artists, so yes we will be back very soon ;)

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