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Reppin' Jeddah City With MAK96

Redwan AKA Mak is a rapper and music producer from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

How did you start with music?

since I was a little kid, I always liked music, and my circle (Brothers and Cousins) influenced me to rap, I started making beats in 2012, after that, I started to rap in 2013.

How is it trying to make it as a Hip Hop artist in Saudi Arabia?

I think people here in Saudi Arabia are starting to understand Hip Hop music. I think it is easy for me to make it  because not a lot of people here rap in English like I do. Every time I release a song people ask if I am Saudi or American. I have a good vision for the music game here in Saudi and the Middle East. I want to collaborate with Arabic singers and make music for piece, love and life.

What are the changes you would like to inflict in the music scene?

I would like to see people take the Hip Hop as a serious type of music. I want the rap game to be an official industry in the country. Do shows, sell albums, record deals, iTunes and all that.

Tell us more about your first  album "Jeddah City Lifestyle".

I always loved my city and represented it every where I went, and that is one of the main themes of my music. Since I started my career I told myself that one day i am going to make a mix tape and call it "Jeddah City Lifestyle". I smashed everything in 2 months, lyrics, beats and production.

What is the advice you give to people chasing their Dream?

Dream big and don't stop until you achieve what you want. 

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