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Kuwaiti Rapper Vortex Talks Mastering Hip Hop.

Vortex is a Kuwaiti rapper,sound engineer,video editor and cameraman. Rap is his hobby at the moment as he dose not monetize it. He is dedicated to reaching the highest level of profession with his rap skills and distinguish himself from everyone else .

Why Choose The Name Vortex?

For many reasons. I am a strong believer in Karma. I believe that "Life is a circle of complicated emotions that can hardly be understood".-Vortex. I believe that we are in a Vortex. We are the Vortex, and that life would end if it stopped spinning, both physically and figuratively. There is no life without a Vortex.

Standing out and differentiating yourself is one of your main motives behind your music, what makes you different?

My production distinctly differs from other rap artist because i focus on various aspects and styles in rap. For example: I developed the ability to rap fast, using twist, rapid fire,chopper and super sonic flows. I posses unique rhyme schemes and flows, make sick choruses and a world play genius. I make sure to improve every single day and I have the music to prove it!

How was it growing up as a hip hop artist in Kuwait?

The whole Arabic community in general and , especially the Kuwaiti community tends to be against hip hop culture because it is so different, therefore it was and continues to be a struggle. However, I was able to maintain my status and kept on grinding until I reached where I am now which is approximately 15-20% of my career. I have a long road ahead and wont stop until I lose my breath rapping and my grind being at the fullest.

What are the most meaningful and important projects you've done so far?

Honestly, every single track, as each one has its own story, even the diss songs

What Impact Would You Like To Inflict On Your Listeners and The World?

I have a unique perspective on all aspects of life that I can deliver to my listeners through my rap skills. Meaning i can rap about Chocolate and affect people by my delivery and usage of lyrics. Giving that new,fresh,different perspective to my listeners with my unique delivery is the value/impact i want to give to the world. It doesn't really matter what topic i choose but how i deliver it that really matters.

Where Do You See Your Self In 10 Years?

I honestly have no idea, however i will hopefully live in tranquility, whether I am the rap game or not. It would be a bummer if I died sooner though. Pray for me ;p.

Vortex's advice to you: Patience Is Key!

Check out Vortex's music at:

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