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Sudan's Rising Trap Star: Taher Elias

Sudanese rapper, Taher Elias, AKA T.A ,is a rising star in the Sudanese Hip Hop scene. He was born in the Al Ain hospital in the UAE in 1996. He started listening to rap music in 2005, and made his first song in 2010. He started out rapping in English in Abu Dhabi, he then switched to Arabic recently, which brought him a new fanbase. He learned how to mix and master his own music as he progressed. Today he produces and writes all of his songs. His unique style which encompasses trap beats with Arabic raps, Sudanese slang and visuals inspired by Sudanese culture, places TA at the forefront of the Hip Hop scene in Sudan. His latest song "Khalata", became a hit, amassing over 150 thousand views.

What Made You Want To Start Making Music?

I felt that I can add something to the music industry. I always wanted to be somebody, so I mixed that ambition with my passion for music, and decided to rap.

What Would You Say Makes You Stand Out From Other Up And Coming Artists?

I feel like I made my own wave and my own sound. All what fans need, is some music that they can relate to. That’s what I aim to provide.

Which Artists Inspired You?

Lil Wayne

Travis Scott

J Cole


What Was Your Favorite Piece Of Work So Far And Why?

Khalata, I love the vibe it gives off, and the fact that it’s fully in house. The beat, lyrics, vocals, mastering, everything is in house. It also has a spacey vibe that hits real hard.

How was it growing up in the UAE?

It was pretty tough for me, so I lived in my own zone, as I was anti social.

You made songs with Abu Dhabi based rappers, could you talk to us about the Hip Hop scene in the UAE and what you think about it?

Yeah, they are heading to the top, shout out Freek, he’s putting AD on the international scene. I rock with them heavy, not just musically, but generally, as they are amazing people to be around.

How about the scene in Sudan, tell us about that.

Well, the scene in Sudan Just appeared a couple years ago. But, each and every artist managed to build their own fans and platform, so I see a bright future.

Where Do You See Yourself In The Coming Years?

A big international artist, and a business man. That’s what I'm giving my all to (inshallah).

Who Would You Say Are Your Favorite Artists In The Sudan Scene?



Who Are Some Artists You Wish To Collaborate With?

Young Thug


Travis Scott

Have You Thought About Creating A New Sound By Mixing Elements Of Trap And Music From Sudan?

Well yeah, but not now, I'll keep it for later, as I'm fully focused on trap now.

The Inspiration Behind Khalata?

I wrote it 12 months ago, it felt right mixing that new trap sound with Sudanese slang and culture.

Tell us about the live performance you had in Khartoum recently?

The last performance was nice, but wasn’t my best. We shall work harder to achieve bigger.

What would you change/improve in the scene in Sudan if you could?

They don’t push us as Sudanese artists in the local or international media. I hope national TV gives us more coverage.

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