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The Future Of House Music: Dj Licious

Dj Licious is a belgum based DJ and producer. His passion for House Music took him on a long journey through the music industry. He released many hits under different labels such as ‘I Hear You Calling’ on the legendary Positiva record label, as well as remixing Avicii’s & Rita Ora’s worldwide smash ‘Lonely Together’. As an aspiring DJ, he set up his own clubbing concept SHOMI, which he still runs till this day. He has been touring Europe playing the famous "Defect In The House" parties and has been playing sets for festivals and events worldwide. In 2018 alone he racked up 18 million streams across all platforms. The industry considers him to be the next big thing in the House Music genre. We had the pleasure to talk to him and learn about his humble beginnings and what the future holds for him.

-What Were Your Earliest Memories Of Doing Music And What Made You Fall In Love With It?

Well I started playing the piano when I was 7, but before that music was all around me in my life. My dad is a big music enthusiast so I was raised with a lot of classical music and a lot of 60/70’ music :-), but I fell in love when I started listening to house music. That changed my view on music completely.

-You Started Out As An Aspiring And Went On To Producing Hits And Collaborating With Industry Giants, What Are The 5 Most Valuable Lessons You Learned From That Journey?

5 valuable lessons! Here goes:

• Creativity is everything.

• Keep pushing your boundaries, never believe that you have achieved everything, cause you haven’t. Your work is never done.

• Trust only yourself, although many people have good advice and you should always listen to it, you and only you have the final decision to make.

• When you have a setback, and things are not going your way, don’t avoid it! Look at what went wrong and try to learn as much as you can, or you will keep making the same mistakes.

• All the lessons above are worth nothing if you don’t enjoy the journey!

You never know when it ends, so look back sometimes and be grateful.

-Who Were The People You Looked Up To?

There are too many people to mention, but basically anyone that works hard to reach their goals is someone I look up too!

It doesn’t matter how big your dream is or how far you got, just the fact that you are trying is something I admire a lot.

-“Good Vibes Come From Nothing But House But House Music” What Are “Good Vibes” To You, And Why Do You Make It Your Job To Create Good Vibes?

House music is all about love & unity, that is what I understand to be good vibes. So if I can make just one person smile on the dancefloor, mission accomplished.

-Every Visionary Goes Through Trials And Tribulations, What Are/Were Yours?

Nobody in my family or circle of friends was working in the music business, so I had to learn a lot in the beginning and I made a lot of mistakes that could have been avoided if I had the right people around me from the start. But I don’t regret it, cause it only made me wiser now.

-Who Are 5 Artists/Producers/A&R’s You Would Like To Work With In The Future?

Too many to mention again, but I am a big fan of Thom Yorke (Radiohead) but would also love to work with London Grammar, Florence & The Machine, Lamb & Flume.

-What Was Your Most Meaningful Piece Of Work You Put Out To This Day, And Why?

I think that must be “I’ll be alright”, it is not my most famous piece, but the emotional messages I still get every day, is just mind blowing.

I touched a lot of people’s heart with that for which I am very grateful!

-What Do You Think The Future Of House Music Looks Like?

House music will always stay present in it’s purest form. It just adapts to different forms as a reaction to what is happening in the world in that moment musically. Thinking forward many years ahead is pointless, cause music is changing so rapidly right now with the internet, even after 1 year a track can be outdated.

-Where Do You See Yourself In The Next 10 Years?

Still making music, and hopefully reaching a lot of people in the process and making them smile.

DJ Liciou's Advice For You

Stay strong, although it seems hopeless sometimes and you think you won’t make it, I strongly believe that you will as long as you don’t give up.

A little trick to not give up, is to never compare yourself to others. You are not them, and they are not you.

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