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This new Spotify-Powered Instagram Update Will Help Boost Your Streams to The Next Level

Instagram and Spotify are teaming up to introduce a new IG Reels feature, allowing fans to seamlessly engage with the music they discover on Instagram by saving and listening on Spotify. This collaboration aims to inspire users on both platforms to create Reels featuring their favorite music. The integration will include editorial track recommendations from Spotify within Instagram, making it convenient for users to link out and create Reels directly from Spotify. This partnership aims to enhance the music-sharing experience for Instagram and Spotify users, providing a seamless and engaging way to connect with their favorite tunes.

In their collaborative efforts, Instagram and Spotify have outlined specific tests for their new features:

  1. Spotify playlist recommendations will be tested within IG Reels audio browser pages in the US, Brazil, and Indonesia.

  2. A "share to Reels" option will be introduced within Spotify's share sheet in all markets where the IG audio library is available.

  3. Both "add to Spotify" and "listen on Spotify" calls-to-action will be implemented on licensed music audio pages within IG in all markets where the audio library is available.

These tests aim to enhance the user experience, providing more seamless integration between Instagram and Spotify for music discovery and sharing.

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