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Up And Coming With Cheickysow

Cheick is a hip hop artist and member of the Money Brothers collective from the 92 area in France, he is currently living the state of Maryland,USA.

So why did you choose music?

Cheik: i chose music because i feel a connection with melodies, so it is a natural talent, also my whole family is into music and, since we have been living from country to country and state to state i feel like i have a lot of stories and experiences to share and talk about.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Cheick: i see myself making the dopest records and make beats for #1 songs.

What impact would you like to have on the music industry and the world?

Cheik: I would love to change the world and make it a more mellow place for everyone to enjoy to just have fun and enjoy their life, i also want to impact the music industry in ways never seen before, i want to push boundaries and make sounds that were never seen before.

Finally, what advice to you give to young visionaries trying to make it like yourself?

Cheick: Follow your instincts, don't take a loss without gaining something from it afterwards because when your reach the bottom there is only one way to go, which is up. You must also work everyday on your skills because there are a lot of people who also want to make it big in what ever industry your in, so make sure you stand out from the rest.

check out Cheik's Instagram,sound cloud and his group:

the Money Brothers:

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