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10 Lebanese Creatives Everybody Should Follow in 2024

Lebanon, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, is a breeding ground for creative talents who are making waves both locally and internationally. From artists and designers to musicians and filmmakers, these individuals are pushing boundaries and redefining their respective fields. As we move into 2024, here are 10 Lebanese creatives you should definitely keep an eye on.

Ali Chaaban

Ali Chaaban, born and raised in Kuwait, keenly observes culture and traditions, which often permeate his work. With a background in anthropology, Ali is recognized by some as a pop-culture analyst. His art intricately weaves nostalgia, addressing socio-political issues such as Arabian identity and dystopia.

The sentiment that "Arabs are strangers everywhere" resonates deeply with diasporas, reflecting the ongoing struggle for identity. Ali's art serves as a universal language, revealing unseen narratives. He has exhibited at notable galleries including Ayyam (Jeddah), Mark Hachem (Beirut), and Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt (Paris).

Ali strives to create spaces that foster dialogue, exchange ideas, and spark discussions across various sectors and disciplines, transcending traditional boundaries.

Joseph Achajian

Joseph Achajian is perhaps his own best customer. As the founder of the Beirut menswear brand Maison Du Mec (House for Men), Achajian has a keen eye for style, shaped by growing up in a family deeply involved in retail in Lebanon. Driven by a desire to create the perfect outfit, he launched Maison Du Mec in 2018 after moving back to Beirut. Drawing on his years of retail experience, he methodically built the brand, which is now celebrated for its sleek, minimal aesthetic with a predominantly black and white palette. In 2022, Maison Du Mec participated in Dubai Fashion Week (formerly Arab Fashion Week), briefly experimenting with color and launching a women's line.

Salim Azzam

Lebanese designer Salim Azzam, admired by Jordan’s Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, founded his eponymous brand to revive and showcase the skills of artisans in Mount Lebanon. Inspired by his upbringing in the Chouf mountains, Azzam's modern take on traditional garments features emblems of nature and personal stories. Established in 2016, the brand aims to support local women skilled in embroidery, crochet, and fabric manipulation. Salim Azzam's work has earned numerous accolades, including the Fashion Trust Arabia award in 2019, and has been featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue Worldwide, Marie Claire, Elle, Forbes, YUNG, GQ, and Monocle.

Hussein Bazaza

Hussein Bazaza, a prominent Lebanese fashion designer, has captivated the fashion world with his unique style and innovative blend of contrasting fabrics and patterns. His creations are more than just clothing; they are infused with elements of storytelling, bringing each piece to life. Bazaza has become a wellspring of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts globally, adeptly combining a variety of styles to match the fast-paced, diverse world we live in. His collections range from breezy, feminine dresses and structured statement pieces to streetwear like bomber jackets and shorts, and even a homewear line featuring stylish pajamas perfect for a leisurely Sunday morning.

Throughout his career, Bazaza has garnered several prestigious awards, including the Elle Style Award for Best Upcoming Middle East Designer in 2013, Best Emerging Designer at the Middle East Fashion Awards in 2015, a spot-on Forbes Middle East's ARAB 30 UNDER 30 list in 2018, and being a finalist in Fashion Trust Arabia's first edition in 2019.

Blu Fiefer

Blu Fiefer is a dynamic Lebanese Mexican artist, producer, and director who views her art as a multifaceted platform. Growing up in an ever-changing world, Fiefer emphasizes the importance of reflecting the times through her work. She embodies the evolving sonic landscape of the MENA region, blending contemporary influences with regional sounds.

Currently, Fiefer is preparing to release her debut album, which draws inspiration from the storytelling traditions of hip-hop and pays homage to 'sha3be' and Arabic music. This record will be released under her newly launched independent label, Mafi Budget, based in Lebanon.

Ziad Al Mazraany

With an exceptional talent for heartfelt storytelling, photographer, filmmaker, and creative director Vinty crafts immersive visual experiences. His diverse portfolio ranges from photography series and video projects to AI and filter creation, consistently showcasing a wealth of innovative ideas.

Karl Wolf

Carl Abou Samah, known as Karl Wolf , is a Lebanese-Canadian musician based in Toronto, Ontario. Active since 2001, Wolf has released several albums, including Face Behind the Face (2006), Bite the Bullet (2007), Nightlife (2009), Finally Free (2012), Stereotype (2014), and WOW (2015).

His biggest hit is a remake of Toto's "Africa," featuring new lyrics and arrangements. Wolf also manages emerging artists through his company, Lone Wolf Management, and launched the collaborative project BAE (Be All Equal) in 2015.

Recently, he signed with Cordova Bay Records in Canada and secured publishing and digital deals in Los Angeles with BMG and Collective Digital Studios. Additionally, he co-wrote OMI's hit "Hula Hoop."

Vanessa Abboud

Renowned for her energetic beats and distinctive style, Lebanese DJ Vanessa seamlessly blends sounds and colors. She has performed at some of the top venues in the country and partnered with luxury brands like Jimmy Choo. Moreover, she has introduced her own clothing line under the brand name VNSA.

Alexandra Hakim Jewellery

While Lebanon is renowned for its array of couture designers, the country also boasts numerous accessory-focused labels. Among them is Alexandra Hakim, a sustainable jewelry designer dedicated to repurposing materials that would otherwise go to waste. Hakim crafts vibrant, often metallic pieces, each meticulously handmade and entirely unique, ensuring a zero-waste approach in her creations.

Elie Fahed

Armed with dreams and a head full of ideas, film director Elie Fahed enchants audiences with his heartfelt storytelling and distinctive style. Whether it's fashion films, advertisements, or star-studded music videos, Elie consistently broadens his skills with a nuanced aesthetic and an emphasis on relatability.

Firas Abou Fakher

Firas Abou Fakher is a multi-talented artist excelling in both music and film. As a composer, guitarist, and keyboardist for the renowned indie rock band Mashrou' Leila, he has made significant contributions to the music scene. Additionally, Firas co-founded Last Floor Productions, a film and television production company headquartered in the UAE. Since its inception in late 2019, Last Floor Productions has been dedicated to telling authentic Middle Eastern stories through an Arab-led cast and team. The company has produced successful TV programs like "Al Shak" and "Fixer" for MBC Shahid, as well as documentary films for Apple and the V&A Museum.

Eric Mathieu Ritter

Eric Mathieu Ritter is the visionary behind Emergency Room, a sustainable fashion brand that showcased vibrant, mismatched prints at Men's Arab Fashion Week. Founded in 2018 and based in Beirut, Emergency Room emerged from Ritter's commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion practices. The brand’s unique approach involves creating garments from dead-stock fabrics and vintage materials, resulting in conscious ready-to-wear collections that stand out for their bold aesthetics and responsible sourcing.

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