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5 Saudi Start Ups You Should Know About In 2020.

With 70% of Saudi Arabia's population being under 30, and a new Crown Prince taking the role of leadership and introducing a new exiting vision to transform the country culturally and economically, it is safe to say that hope and ambition is in the air. New innovative ideas and startups are popping up everyday in Saudi Arabia. Here are 5 Saudi startups you should know about in 2020:


Ejaro is a peer-to-peer vehicle rental platform founded by Saudi entrepreneur, Mohammed Khashogji . One can call it an "Air BNB for cars". Such platforms already exist in Europe and the US, like "Turo" and "Get Around". However, Ejaro is the first platform of it's kind in the MENA region. Ejaro connects vehicle owners and users who seek to book and use vehicles for a certain period of time, through their website and/or app. With Saudi Arabia's automotive industry being the largest in the Middle East and having a high number of vehicles per capita, Ejaro, provides a very useful service for vehicle owners to make extra income and users to rent cars faster.

2- Beach Bisht:

A new innovative concept and twist on one of the most traditional Arab garments, The (Bisht). Created by jewelry designer Nasser Farsi, The Beach Bisht is a combination of the Bisht and a robe, to be used for the beach. It will be available in both solo and dual sizes. Beach Bisht will also offer other innovative clothing products with high quality materials such as pants, towels and more. Beach Bisht's mission is to give people the ability to express their culture and uniqueness through clothing, The clothing company launched in Boho Beach in Jeddah on December 13th.

3- Thamanya:

Based out of Riyadh city, Thamanyah is a media company that is dedicated to telling interesting and unique stories out of the Arab world through documentaries, podcasts and articles. From the recent protests in Lebanon to Saudi models in Japan, Thamanyah has been able to cover the most important and interesting stories from the Arab region and presenting it to the world in an appealing way. The space that Thamanyah exists in, is one that is constantly growing with other players such as "Telfaz11"and "Uturn" becoming household names in Saudi Arabia and all over the Arab world. Thamanya's ability to find and appealingly present the most unique stories from the region makes it a candidate to be the next big media company.

4- Dokkan Afkkar:

Dokkan Affkar is an online shopping site that sells an array of the latest products. However the products all have a creative edge to them, and are not things that you'll find at your typical local store. Dokkan Affkar's cool, unusual products range from Backpacks with a USB and AUX port to iPhone covers attached with a small Nintendo console. Today, Saudis are making more orders and purchases on the internet than ever before, with companies such as Jollychick and becoming a big success. The growing E-commerce industry in Saudi Arabia in combination with the unique products that Dokkan Affkar offers makes it a likely candidate to be a big player in the E-commerce industry. It's recent $2 million dollar investment by Mobily Ventures proves just that.

5- SihaTech:

SihaTech is a platform that connects patients with doctors through a website and an app. Patients are empowered by being able find the best doctor according to their needs and location. Sihatech also allows users to browse through a database of doctors, clinics and hospitals as well as choose the doctor that is closest to them or a doctor that is a specific gender or speaks a similar language. You can also learn more about the experience and medical degrees of the doctor before booking a direct appointment, as well as see if that particular doctor, clinic or hospital accepts your insurance. SihaTech offers a great solution to patients by making the booking process easier and clarifying all requirements before attending the appointment, as booking doctor appointments in Saudi Arabia is known to be a hassle sometimes.

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