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8 Talented Sudanese Artists To Keep an Eye on This Year

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Sudan has a vibrant art scene. This African nation, with its rich history and diverse cultural heritage, has nurtured a community of exceptionally talented painters who are redefining the boundaries of art. From traditional techniques to contemporary innovations, these eight Sudanese painters are poised to captivate the global art scene. Get ready to be enthralled by their breathtaking masterpieces as we introduce you to the artists you must keep an eye on this year.

Rashid Diab

Dr. Rashid Diab, a talented Sudanese painter, skillfully depicts life in Sudan through vibrant, abstract artworks featuring traditionally dressed women. Blending African heritage with Western techniques, his art exudes cultural motifs and luminous colors.

Studying in Madrid deepened his connection to Sudanese roots, infusing his art with rich cultural symbolism. As a pioneer in Sudan's art scene, Diab forges connections between people and fosters cultural preservation.

Beyond painting, he co-founded the Dara Art Gallery, providing a platform for Sudanese artists, and established the Rashid Diab Arts Centre for creative education. Dr. Rashid Diab's transformative art celebrates heritage and inspires a new generation of creatives in Sudan.

Salah Elmur

Salah Elmur, a celebrated Sudanese artist, filmmaker, and author, is renowned for his vibrant and symbolic paintings that incorporate surreal perspectives. With a unique visual language, he weaves emblematic elements like plants and animals into his thought-provoking compositions, adding depth and meaning. Elmur draws inspiration from cherished childhood memories of his grandfather's photography studio, infusing his art with nostalgia and cultural significance.

Beyond his captivating paintings, Elmur is a prolific filmmaker, with a portfolio of award-winning short films spanning documentary and fantasy genres. His work has garnered global recognition and has been showcased in prestigious exhibitions, solidifying his impact on the art world. With an academic background in graphic design, Elmur's versatile talent continues to inspire, making him a significant influence in both Sudanese and international artistic circles.

Mohammed El-Awad

Mohammed El-Awad, the artist better known as Moe Da Vinvci, transforms the paintbrush into a magical tool of hyperrealism. His mind-bending artworks blur the line between reality and art, leaving you in awe and wonder.

Celebrities like Gabriel Macht, Patrick J Adams, and Balqees Fathi have all recognized Moe Da Vinvci's extraordinary talent, propelling his work into the spotlight. Prepare to be amazed as his masterpieces might have you questioning if they're actual photographs.

To experience more of Moe Da Vinvci's captivating creations, visit his Instagram page @moe_davinci, where his breathtaking portfolio awaits. You can even commission your personalized masterpiece and witness the magic of his art up close.

Abdalla Basher

Abdalla Basher, a skilled Sudanese painter and visual artist, was born in the charming town of Wad Madne in 1979. After completing his studies at the College of Fine & Applied Arts, University of Sudan, in 2014, he embarked on a remarkable artistic journey, showcasing his talents in numerous group and solo exhibitions within Sudan and internationally. Inspired by his extensive travels across northern and eastern Africa, Basher's abstract art, painted with acrylic colors and collages, captures the essence of vibrant life and diverse cultures.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, Basher is an artist with a cause, using his creativity to address critical societal issues. Collaborating with organizations like IOM and Save the Children, he actively participates in workshops that combine art and social activism, advocating for children's rights, development, and free expression. Through his transformative art and commitment to meaningful change, Abdalla Basher continues to make a profound impact, fostering a deeper appreciation for contemporary culture both locally and on a global scale.

Mutaz Mohamed Alfateh Ismail

Abdalla Basher, a Sudanese painter and visual artist born in Wad Madne in 1979, holds a significant place in the world of art. After graduating from the College of Fine & Applied Arts at the University of Sudan in 2014, he has since become a prominent figure in the art scene, participating in numerous group and solo exhibitions and workshops across Sudan and beyond, including Ethiopia, Egypt, Dubai, and Uganda.

Basher's abstract art, primarily using acrylic colors and incorporating collages, showcases his diverse artistic techniques. His extensive travels throughout northern and eastern Africa have infused his work with inspiration drawn from the people and life around him. Beyond his artistic achievements, Basher is an engaged artist with a strong sense of social responsibility. He has actively contributed to workshops that intertwine art with important causes such as children's rights, development, and free expression, in collaboration with leading global organizations like IOM and Save the Children. Through his art and dedication to social impact, Abdalla Basher continues to play a significant role in shaping the appreciation of contemporary culture in the region.


Raja, a Sudanese artist currently residing in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, has led a unique artistic journey. In the early 1990s, she was one of the few women granted permission to study at the College of Fine and Applied Art at Sudan University of Science and Technology in Khartoum, graduating in 1994. With her artist husband and family, she embarked on a decade-long migratory adventure, living in various countries before settling in Pietermaritzburg. In 2004, she pursued a postgraduate diploma in Fine Art at the Centre for Visual Arts, University of KwaZulu-Natal, completing her studies in 2006.

Through her art, Raja voices her life experiences and sheds light on the struggles faced by Sudanese women in a male-dominated society with limited opportunities. Initially portraying the harsh realities of poverty and violence endured by these women and children, her art later evolved into a more abstract form, capturing the emotional nuances of her subjects. This unique artistic journey reflects Raja's personal growth as an artist and her commitment to raising awareness about the challenges endured by Sudanese women, sparking meaningful discussions in her community.

Omar Logang

Omar Logang's artistic journey started in South Sudan, where he was born into a family of skilled artists, with his father being a renowned wood carver. Showing early artistic promise, Omar pursued painting and excelled at the prestigious Khartoum School of Fine Arts. Further honing his skills in Morocco, he became adept at capturing enchanting scenes through his brush, demonstrating proficiency in landscapes, figure painting, portraits, and city views.

The political unrest in southern Sudan led Omar to seek political asylum in Spain, where he has since dedicated himself to painting. His captivating artwork, infused with intense colors and a distinctive perspective, has earned him recognition in prestigious galleries across Madrid and found homes in collections worldwide. As Omar Logang continues to make his mark on the international art scene, his paintings evoke a timeless allure, reflecting his diverse experiences and artistic journey.

Khalid Abdel Rahman

Khalid Abdel Rahman is an artist with a distinct and characteristic style, capturing abstract architectural scenes from the neighborhoods of Khartoum. His artwork serves as poignant documentation of the slowly vanishing middle class, individuals who either work with the government or leave the country in pursuit of better living conditions. Through his vivid and somber color palette, Khalid's paintings reflect the stark reality faced by this endangered segment of society. The empty neighborhoods he portrays tell a melancholic tale of a class and a people on the brink of fading away, evoking a surreal and dream-like quality reminiscent of a memory.

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