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Starting New Waves With Brandon Bernard

Brandon Bernard AKA NardGod is an Entrepreneur/ Fashion and graphic designer who owns the Houston based clothing brand WavePlus..

How did you start?

  1. ​I started messing around with Photoshop when i was a freshmen in High School making graphics for YouTube channels. Later on, my friend chicoo suavee started putting music out so i started doing his covers,  then i linked up  with more artists and started doing their artwork as well. By the end of freshmen year in college i decided to put my full creativity into making clothing, which led to Waveplus.

How was it transitioning from creating for other peoples brands to making your own?

Lots of things were different. Some rappers aren't the most creative people visually, so a lot of my creative direction was toned down or completely under someone else control. I realized after a while that, instead of working on cover art fir days at a time and getting $75-$100 in return, I could create my own designs, make the clothing, and sell them for a set price and stack up from selling multiple things rather than sitting at home working on one thing. I also like the spotlight, therefore, being able to have my own brand brings me satisfaction, when I see someone rocking Waveplus, i can say i did that.

Tell us more about Waveplus.

  1. Waveplus is a clothing brand my partner and I founded, it is the exact opposite of other brands in Houston, many brands in Houston lack creativity and talent,so Waveplus is what Houston needs.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Constructing the Waveplus HQ in Houston, taking trips back and forth from Houston to LA, and enjoying life. 

What changes would you like to inflict on the world?

  1. Stamp the world in Waveplus, i want to travel the world and bring Waveplus to different parts of the world.

What is your advice for people chasing their dreams?

If you are skilled of gifted at something and you never give up on it, you'll find success eventually. 

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