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Apple Might Own $2.5 Billion USD Worth of Bitcoin

Twitter has been heating up over a recent rumor that Apple will soon announce that the global tech company has gotten back into the bitcoin pool with a recent $2.5 billion USD purchase of the cryptocurrency.

Amongst the Twitter accounts pushing this rumor is GalaxyTrading. Joshuwa Roomsburg, CEO of ChainLeak has chimed in on the potential rumor, stating that he will purchase the new iPhone to commemorate Apple’s bitcoin purchase. He tweets, “I won’t use it, I’ll just keep it as a souvenir for when #BTC started its climb to $100k. ⏳ Imagine what alts will do!”

Though the news excites some fans, some are also skeptical, pointing out Apple’s recent history with bitcoin. When Tesla announced its bitcoin purchase in February, the currency immediately spiked up by 20 percent on the same day.

Some are speculating that a similar trend will follow if Apple makes its announcement. Rumors were first ignited in late May when people noticed Apple’s job postings lean towards the company’s potential interest in bitcoin. However, with the exception of the recent hiring, Apple has not made any affirmative moves towards cryptocurrency so far.

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