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Party Ape Billionaires, a hot new NFT project that is building a community of future billionaires.

With the NFT market growing exponentially day by day, entrepreneurs, influencers and artists are launching projects left and right. Most thee project don't end living up to the hype that surrounds it, however there is one project that is standing out among many. The BILLIONAIRE CLUB is a private collection of 10 000 billionaire apes NFTs—unique digital collectibles. Founded by two young entrepreneurs, Mustafa El Fishawy and Jordan Lali, these Ape tokens include more than 180+ hand drawn traits, each NFT is unique and comes with a membership to an exclusive group of successful investors. The story behind this project is one that is interesting and is attracting a community of enthusiast that is growing day by day. "Earlier this year, a mysterious force coming from another galaxy summoned the most influential people on planet Earth. They received the geographic coordinates of a secret location for the party : the Billionaire Club. There, they will have the opportunity to exchange, discuss and collaborate in order to become even bigger than they are. During this party, the host will reveal its identity and the main reason for this invitation." The discord group for this project grew to 20,000 participants in just two weeks and the Instagram page is growing by the thousands every day. We sit down with the founders of the project Mustafa and Jordan to talk about their origins, what inspired this project and what the future holds for them and the owners of Billionaire Apes.

-What was your first job ever?

Mustafa : I used to work as an accountant for a company, but I felt like I needed to do more.

Jordan : My first job ever was at 16, when I quit school to help out my mother. For 6 years, I worked all the jobs imaginable to make money and got interested in cryptocurrencies.

-Have you always been an entrepreneur? What was your first entrepreneurial venture?

Mutafa : I felt that I needed to do more so I launched my own company at 18. At first it was just me and my high school sweat heart who eventually became my wife. Then, I started hiring amazing people and we became leaders on the magnetic lashes market in Europe and the Middle East. We did collaborations and capsule collection with celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Fouz Al Fahad and the Winx license.

Jordan : My entrepreneurial journey began when I understood that I wanted to do more that just work a 9 to 5 for a big company. I felt like I was reaching my full potential so I started investing all my savings in cryptocurrencies and formations to know more about the business. I wanted to be my own boss and to build something real. I had some big wins but also failed sometimes… That made me the entrepreneur I am today.

-How did you first get introduced to NFT’s and what was your first interaction with them?

Mustafa : Jordan and I met in Dubai because we were both into e-commerce and cryptocurrencies. We both had the funds, the vision and the ability to make projects come to life. We realized that we were both very passionate about the NFT Game and it's unlimited possibilities, so we decided to launch our own project. We took the best people in both our teams and joined forces to create the Billionaire Club.

-Where did the inspiration for Billionaire Apes come from?

When we created the Billionaire Club, the team was looking for a realistic way to embody human features in a fun way. After many discussions, we ended up agreeing on the fact that there was no better and smarter creature than the one pointed by Darwin's theory as being human's ancestor : the ape.

For the Billionaire part of it, the term represents a mindset for us. It’s not only a matter of having billions in your bank account but, it's really about an entrepreneurial skills and spirit.

-What was the creation process like when creating these 10,000 tokens?

To create these 10,000 tokens we were inspired by the pop culture. We mixed all our references and elements that can speak to everybody and recreated them in our own way. We were lucky to have found a very talented illustrator that also added his artistic vision.

-The concept of having an NFT pay you 500$ monthly is a brilliant one, how did you come up with that and could explain it further for those who might not know a lot about it?

We worked a lot on our designs, but our Roadmap is in the center of the project. Having nice NFT's is cool but they must have real utilities. We wanted to stand out and be able to encourage our community to hold on to their NFT's to increase value. With big values come big projects and as we said, we’re here for a long time so it might as well be good.

-Where do you see Billionaire Apes Club going in the next 5 years?

The NFT world is super fast and evolving everyday. We have thought of many strategies and options for the next few years but we’re not there to fantasize about anything. We want every thing coming out of our mouths to be 100% legit and it already is on the making. I guess we will see you in 5 years for this answer.

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