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How Tory lanez Potentially Made 3 Million Dollars in 10 minutes with NFT's.

Tory Lanez suprised himself and everyone else with the recent sale of his NFT album. One million copies of the album released on new streaming platform, E-NFT. However, no one expected them to sell out in just 57 seconds including himself.

Lanez poured out his emotion in a celebratory instagram post: “A fu**ing million copies! I just went fu**ing platinum!” … “I just sold the equivalent units at $1. Sold a million copies flat and I made a million dollars in less than a fu**ing minute. Y’all try to hold me back. You can’t fu**ing stop me…”

New NFT marketplace, E-NFT wants to change the way artists are paid in the music industry. Originally launched by Emmersive Entertainment, they are looking to pay their artists for every song or content they create. Canadian born Rapper, singer and producer Tory Lanez teamed up with the company to launch their marketplace and his first NFT.

Lanez currently boasts over 18 million monthly Spotify listeners and has accumulated 1.6 billion YouTube views. Furthermore, the artist plans to continue assuming his multi-faceted role and reach corporate mogul status through music, fashion, food, and tech.

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