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Busy Woman With Jazz-Afro

Jazz is a east-African/Canadian freelance Model/trainer based in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia.

How Did You Start?

Jazz: I was hanging out with friends one day and one of them had a friend who was staring her own fashion line, she offered to hook me up with a modeling gig with her, i brushed it off, the same conversation came up a week later, i accepted and now i am here.

How is the modeling scene in Saudi Arabia?

Jazz: The scene is alright though more designers and makeup artists should incorporate more diversity in their work.

Where do you see your career 5-10 years from now?

Jazz: Honestly, i don't know where i will be, i like to wing most things and not stress and I am hoping for the best.

So you like to wing and not overthink, does that help you in achieving things?

Jazz: Yeah Definitely, overthinking is bad for the soul, you do what can do in a situation, do it in the best way and let go.

How would you like to change and impact the world?

Jazz: If you haven't noticed, girls and woman are extremely hard on the,selves and i really wish to inspire confidence in woman, i want woman to love themselves more. Also,we surely need to support and uplift each other... not everything is a competition.

What advice do you have for people chasing their dreams?

Jazz: My advice would be directed mostly towards woman because we live in a society where the woman is an underappreciated being.The advice: Believe in yourself, Love yourself and never think a dream is too big to chase.

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