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Elon Musk Has Just Put Out a Techno Track About NFTs in the Form of an NFT

Elon Musk continues doing what he does best (aside from building electric vehicles) and that would be, trolling the tech world with outrageous yet genius ideas. His latest move capitalizes on the ongoing NFT craze with his very own NFT release — but there are levels to this one.

He has just released an NFT that’s a techno track about NFTs. The track repeats the lyrics “NFT, for Your Vanity,” “It’s Verified, Guaranteed,” and “Computers Never Sleep.” Along with, a golden trophy of Doge dogs, diamond hands, “HODL” lettering, and a rocketship, all rotating along with neon lights. It’s hard not to be hypnotized with all this going on.

There’s no news on which platform he will be selling his NFT, and for all we know, he could be creating his own. For now, just hit that play button and embrace the track.

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