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Floyd Maywaether is releasing his own NFT collection.

Legendary boxer and sports icon Floyd Mayweather Jr released his first ever NFT collection which is officially available on Rarible. The drop includes digital collectibles celebrating the legacy of Mayweather Jr.’s life and career, including animations, physical artwork, and access to both his virtual and in-person meet and greets. Certain non-fungible tokens are also associated with physical prints in addition to being logged forever on the blockchain. The final, single, limited edition auction piece can include private boxing lessons and dinner with Mayweather Jr, in addition to a custom diamond ring.

According to, Mayweather has given two NFT’s that will give a visual representation of his glittery career. Nicknamed ‘Headlines’, it has been designed by reputed artists OYLE with BEYOND as the Producer. Here’s everything you need to know about the Floyd Mayweather NFT.

Non-fungible tokens have allowed artists, celebrities, and various people to stock and monetize their artworks. It has turned them self-dependent, without making the artists wait for exhibitions to showcase or sell their work. Hence, Mayweather’s own collection will allow the fans to trade directly with the five-division world champion.

Floyd has already launched his won NFT website, which would disseminate more about the program. ‘The Legacy’ Auction is already live on the website along with ‘All Work is Easy Work’ in the process.

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