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From Passion To Business. India Based Pop Artist: Sanuj Birla ,Talks About His Craft.

Sanuj is a pop-Art artist based out of India. He is a self taught artist, and has been doing art and selling it professionally since 8 years. He's been painting from an early age. He did his major in arts in school, after school he went for business studies in masters as, he belonged to a business family. But after few years in business, he realized he needed a stress buster and, started painting. Now it's become full fledged work for him.

What Is It About Painting And Art That Made It Your Passion? Being able to express my thoughts and creativity on canvas, and share it with the world is what fuels my passion for art. What Is Your Most Meaningful Price Yet And Why? As an artist, I consider all of my artwork to be as good as they can get. However, some pieces are more special than others ,one such piece is a artwork collection of 3 pieces actually. In which I recreated some masterpieces, and tore them apart with money in the background. Dollar Bills, was my way of literary showing the world the value of art. As I do come across a lot of people who always ask artists why is a particular painting so expensive. We usually have no answer. So that's my answer. Artwork now is investment.

How Did You Go From Using Painting As A Mechanism For Therapy To Making Money From It? It was a sudden thing for me. I started posting my work and within weeks people started messaging me asking about the price. The initials buyers were my friends who encouraged me and I never looked back after that.

What Is The Most Important Lessons You Learned From That Journey? A very important lesson , always do what you love doing the most, and try turning your passion into your profession and you will never regret it. Who are 5 artists you dream to collaborate with? Never thought of it before, but if I get a chance I would love to collaborate with:

Jeff Koons.



Brian Wash.

Alec monopoly.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In most of the known galleries in USA, Europe and Asia.

How was it growing up as an artist in India? Life growing up has been easy as I belong to a business family, and I have been socially well connected since childhood, so I didn't had to actually struggle a lot when it came to art. I just got lucky that my initial buyers were my closest friends, and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, have played a major helping me grow and sell my work.

What is the inspiration for your style? The pop culture and street style fashion. How do people react your art pieces? It brings a smile to there faces. People who like pop art love my work. But people who like contemporary art think I make cartoons XD.

The “collecting kills” piece caught my interest, caught you talk more about it? The "Collecting Kills" is a custom 3D artwork made specially for the famous "Watchanish"(Famous Watch Collector). The idea is to show a cigarette box, instead of the side effects of cigarettes, it shows side effect of collecting watches.

Sanuj's Advice For Artists: If we think as artists, then we just make what we like. But if we want to make money from it, then we need to think like businessmen and make what people like and focus on what's in demand. Then it will be easy to sell.

Check Out Sanuj's Work At:

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