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This UAE Based Brand Is Taking Arab Luxury Fashion To A New Forefront.

Founded by Hassan Thurabi and Azmi Shams, Ghayat is an Arab luxury fashion brand. The brand offers modern luxury fashion that is inspired from Middle Eastern traditional attire.

Ghayat aims to create true Arab representation by exploring all the elements of Arabic culture and Tradition, which are filled with an abundance of Elegance, Prestige, and Luxury.

The inception of GHAYAT designs were a culmination of natural Arabian soothing

environment and sophisticated concrete structures. Since it's launch Ghayat released several collections, including: the Aquanaut collection which was inspired by a beautiful natural phenomenon where sun rays meet the ocean and the Peace collection, the ideology behind it is to create exclusive fashion pieces that are highly adaptable to your daily environments. Visionary Magazine spoke with Ghayat's founders to learn more about the brand, it's inception and it's future.

What made you want to start Ghayat?

Identifying the right niche is critical to any business, the niche in the Arab Luxury Fashion industry that we are catering to was identified by both of us more than 6 years ago. Since the ideation point till launch, we both had to do the right market research to identify what the needs of the consumers are, what price point can we make the products available, the fit that is acceptable by all etc...

The reason for us to launch a luxury brand like Ghayat was after identifying the gap that the Arab Luxury Fashion Industry has. Can you name a luxury fashion brand from the Middle East from the top of your mind? Why do brands like Dior, Channel, Armani come into your mind when you hear the word luxury? With the resources the Middle East provides us with, with the capability and capacity to produce high-end products with similar or higher quality than those brands, why has no one attempted to compete with those big names? These are some of the reasons we decided to launch a brand such as Ghayat.

What have the reactions been so far?

Leveraging the credibility and reputation of Telal International Group has been of great advantage for Ghayat. We have exceeded our sales expectations with monthly organic sales growth of 117% in the first 3 months since its launch in August 2020. Though in our plan, we did expect the consumers to be hesitant to try out a new brand emerging from the Middle East, we are glad that we have been entrusted by those who were willing to try Ghayat products. The phenomenon about luxury fashion is that it is not accessible to all, it is usually for those who know the worth in different factors such as, cut, fit, comfort and most importantly the material.

Though the trend of e-commerce is growing in the region with double digit growth, and our website catering to our consumers we see that new consumers are reluctant to try new things bought online, however the winners are those who fight reluctantly and they are our existing customers.

We measure our success not by the number of different customers, but the number of times the same customer comes back to buy more.

What is your vision for Ghayat?

A simple and straight forward answer to this would be “to put the Middle East on the map of modern, luxury fashion and provide opportunities”.

We also focus on bringing out new designers from the Middle East and provide them with all the resources to actualize their designs.

One of the major pillars of our business strategy is innovation in our products and portfolio diversification. When it comes to luxury customers, there are a wide range of preferences and catering to them all gradually is challenging but also interesting for Ghayat.

There is so many areas in the fashion industry to enter in with the specialization that we have at hand. With tailors, designers, factories, retail outlets at the brand’s disposal; Ghayat has all the resources to confidently enter into any space of the luxury fashion industry, thanks to our partner Telal International Group.

What makes Ghayat different than other brands that attempted to do the same?

The resources, the passion and commitment are pointers that help Ghayat stand out from other brands. Bringing Arabic traditional wear into a area of modern luxury wear is both dicey and convoluted. As said earlier, the idea/concept is more than 6 years in discussion, hence a lot of research, thought and prototypes had resulted in the perfect product experience through Ghayat. These are factors that makes Ghayat stand out and deliver success.

Where do you see Arab fashion going?

Compared to previous years, we see that the Arab fashion industry is welcoming trends from around the globe. This may be because of the diverse population in the Middle East. Still remaining in their roots, the Arab fashion was evolving gradually, however with more and more international brands focusing their attention to the Middle East, we see that the evolving process is starting to become more rapid.

It is definite that within the next 5 years, there will be a fashion revolution in the middle east and the region will be one of the focal points for luxury fashion.

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