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“Godfather of Streetwear”, Hiroshi Fujiwara collaborates with Luxury car Maker Maserati.

Hiroshi Fujiwara has continued to push the boundaries of design for over three decades. Still eager to take on new challenges, the designer has teamed up with Maserati for an exclusive collaborative collection through his fragment design label.

Fragment is a streetwear subculture project founded by the arbiter of cool: Hiroshi Fujiwara. Since the early ’90s, Fujiwara has been sharing his designs with the world, collaborating with the most renowned global maisons.

Hiroshi Fujiwara’s unparalleled sensibility of contemporary street culture and the audacious spirit of an Italian car icon that has just heralded a new era. Hiroshi Fujiwara and the Maserati design team, together, deconstruct the essence of Maserati, and in the process, reconstruct a new reality.

It is a partnership that brings the fearlessness of its creators to the forefront. Maserati and Hiroshi Fujiwara: two bold souls always ready to shatter existing cultural conventions.

We call it itanji (いたんじ). A Japanese concept that perfectly brings together Fujiwara’s rebellious style and Maserati’s audacious spirit. We are original. We have no fear of being different. We are nonconformist, relentlessly driven to challenge the status quo. We are devoted to innovation and creativity.

In Fragment Design x Maserati, piece by piece, a body of art is unveiled in a collaboration that celebrates their brave new vision for the future.

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