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How a Saudi Arabian AI startup is revolutionizing road safety across the world is a Saudi startup focusing on artificial intelligence based traffic analytics and monitoring solutions.

Launched in 2017 by Sohaib Khan, Saleh Basalamah, Anas Basalamah and Muhammad Amin, the stratup company harnesses artificial intelligence to create intelligent traffic systems that aim toimprove road safety. As the second investment since 2019 from Wa'ed, the news comes hot on the heels of's traffic management systems nabbing the 2020 Global Road Achievement Award 2020 from the International Road federation. Combining AI with machine learning and computer vision tech, its software spots and reports negative driving behaviour, allowing law enforcement to spot offenders quicker and more efficiently.

Already boasting a presence outside of MENA in the UK, US, Spain and Peru, Saudi startup,, has its eyes firmly set on more global expansion following a new investment from Wa'ed Ventures, the entrepreneurship arm of oil and gas giant, Aramco.

While the cross-section of road safety and technology has traditionally revolved around traffic-monitoring speed cameras,'s video analysis software goes one step further and can spot everything from sudden lane changes, to drivers not wearing seatbelts or using phones. In addition to the markets in which their offerings are currently used, the startup’s software is also used regionally in Egypt and Oman, and there could be more in the pipeline, with bids on projects in Argentina and Nigeria currently in process, as well as bids on additional projects in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. For the founding team, the recent award, the spate of potential new projects and this new investment positions perfectly for further global expansion.

“This second round of financing from Wa’ed will enable to bring its life-saving technology to more regions around the world,” said co-founder, Sohaib Khan, who also serves as’s Chief Executive. “As a Saudi startup, we are grateful for the continued support from Aramco's entrepreneurship arm, which is helping bring Saudi solutions like’s to a global audience."

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