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Meet Aidy Proof, the Artist/Executive at the forefront of Sudan's rising music scene.

Updated: May 23, 2023

Born in Paris and raised in NYC, Proof has been exposed to all aspects of Hip Hop culture and comes from a family deeply involved in the music industry. His older brother DJ Moma, is one of the most accomplished DJ's in the international scene, his two younger brothers are Ibrahim Hamad - J Cole's manager and partner and finally, renowned rapper Bas. Since childhood, music was in the family as their uncle was "Bashir Abbas" a famous Sudanese composer,lute player and founder of the group "Al Balabil." Proof works with many artists, weather it's management, mentor-ship or simply collaboration. He's been recognized for "A 249 experience VOL.1" a compilation of 18 Sudanese artists that accumulated millions of streams. Proof along with the Circle just released the second volume of "249 experience" and it is definitely a body of work worth checking out.

What was your first interaction with music?

Growing up in Paris to a Sudanese family, our living room was a blend of Sudanese music, such as, my uncle ‘Bashir Abbas’ and his friends Kable. But there was also a lot of Bob Marley and Jackson 5 in my early days.

-When did you make your first song, what was that like?

When I was 14 with a buddy of mine in Paris. Lyrically, it was advanced for a 14 year old, but if I heard today, I would surely cringe.

-Being from a family that has a lot of experience and history with the music business, what are the most important things your family taught you about the music business?

Nothing is given to you and no one owes you anything. More so in the way they’ve stayed consistent with that approach. Also, collaborations go a long way, we are all very people oriented persons.

-Which artists inspired you the most?

Bob Marley, Tupac, Black Thought, Sade…to name a few. But today, I would say , the Dreamville roster as a whole is inspiring because it seems like such a safe place for artist development.

-What is the story of the Circle coming together and how did you end up joining the collective?

I started the collective around the time I was working on creating “A 249 Experience vol1”. I wanted to show the west what kind of talent comes out my country, Sudan. But, I also wanted to get more familiar with the ones I personally liked to listen to more and also connect with as people. I wanted an organization that was free of a monarchy type structure. A circle has no top or bottom and if one piece ain’t connected it’s not a circle…I like the unity aspect of it.

-Coming from and representing a culture that is rich in music, how do you plan to incorporate sonic elements from Sudanese culture into your music?

Other than sampling Sudanese work mainly involving the Oud/lute, I’ve had Sudanese musicians play riffs that we made beats out of. It’s all still in the works and experimental.

-Where do you see yourself and the circle in the next 10 years?

As far as myself, I see me taking my ear for talent and mind for artist development to another level, I'll either sign artists myself to a label I built or to one I am a part of. I see myself doing many projects similar to DJ Khaled compilations. As far as the C!rcle is concerned, I see the group having toured the world and gone on to individually accomplish their goals. I see it evolving too, in a way where someone like myself could take fade out into other aspects of music leaving room for perhaps a new member eventually …stay tuned.

-What are your thoughts on the creative/music scene in Sudan and where do you see it going?

I believe it’s the most talent packed scene by very far (no disrespect to the neighbors in the region). When it comes to the variety and quality of Sudanese artistry, it has always been top notch and now with the help of the internet, the people have a voice. Weather it be traditional or modern forms of Sudanese music, English or Arabic, we are so diverse and it’s amazing to see.

-From the beginning of your journey until now, what are the 3 most important things you've learned?

  1. Nothing is given to you or owed to you. Gotta have thick skin and mental toughness to deal with lack of support and keep going.

  2. Collaboration goes a long way. Expand your style by working with different artists from different genres even. It will help you grow faster tans learn from each other.

  3. Be yourself …everyone else is already taken.

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