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Rewriting History By Remixing Images With Vemix

"Vemix is a mashup of the words Visual and Remix. A Verb and a noun. You can Vemix, but you can not be Vemix, I am Vemix, I take old pics and remix them into new ones, usually with dollop of contrast and a pinch of what if." - Vemix

Vemix uses Photoshop to remix images and create moments that we wish would've happened with our favorite icons, it has amassed him a large following on Instagram and he has started to monetize his pictures. Today we have a conversation with the mystery man behind these iconic images.

Did you have past experience with Photoshop or anything like that?    

Not really. I messed around, making memes a bit, but nothing too polished. Basically just opened the program and it was on Like cocktail sauce on a prawn.  

 Do you monetize your Content?

Yes. I started seeing a lot of people selling my pics on shirts, so I thought I might as well join them. I try to keep it in fun hobby mode though and not get caught up in the money/work aspect.

  Is there any impact you would like to inflict?  

I've never really thought about it, hmm. I have definitely unintentionally inflicted some impact.

What are the best pictures you’ve remixed?

I'd have to say all the ones I didn't tag and can't take credit for. There's a few "Legit" photos out there that I made. Some folks are looking to add a little clout to their catalog and I can make it happen, if the price is right. If I'm really trying pull it off I'll make multiple pics of the same scene from different angles to ad another level of realism. You can question a single pic, but you'll rarely question it from different angles. Out of my tagged ones I'd have to say "The Greatest  Story Never Told" (Biggie, Kurt and Pac or "Enter the Row" (Bruce lee/2pac) I got those two hanging in the crib.  

Why do you think so many people follow you and are interested in the images you remix?  

Like pineapple on pizza. Some people just love it while others hate it. There's no in between. And of course the nostalgia. Everyone is vulnerable to a little bit a that. I'm all over the place with the subject matter so I got something for everyone.      

 So is there a specific direction or inspiration for the images you create?  

Nah, its usually a sporadic idea or two random pictures in my head at that particular moment that click together. I have about 100 a day and I've been meaning to start writing them down so I can bring them to life, but I don't and always forget. The real world has me strapped for time, so I only get a couple hours a week to quickly bang a couple out.  I'm just giving y'all the tip          

Where do you see Vemix going, what does the future hold?

I spend most of my spare time re-positioning the past and not much on predicting the future. My work is much deeper then what's presented so who knows what will come to the surface, it's always a surprise to me. All I know is that I'm having fun in the meantime.

Do you have a specific vision for the next 5-10 years?

 Basically just seeing how far I can take this and hopefully changing the way people see photo editing along the way. It's a slept on art form. It gets the same treatment hip hop did when it was new. People can get real salty when I sample a classic pic, but wouldn't think twice about bumping "Can't Touch This" same thing different sense. But I'll most likely build it up until its about to blow then just disappear, I get bored once something has become a success then move on to something new.  

Finally, Vemix's advice for you:

Make sure it is for a cause and not applause. If it's your passion, keep it your passion.  Don't get caught up in trying to sell it, it becomes work and nobody likes work. Whatever the product is, keep it genuine and everything else will fall in place.                                    

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