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This is how much money Kanye West made from Donda so far.

Kanye’s much anticipated album Donda has proved to be a major success. Ye made millions even before the album was released, the strategic album rollout alone generated millions for the Chicago native rapper. His stadium listening events which hosted over 40,000 people have generated close to $5M, merchandise sales over $7M, as well as a 37% increase in streaming of his existing catalogue which has generated $350k. He also released a new ‘Donda Stem Player’ worth $200, creating yet another stream of income. Shoerly after, Kanye surprisingly dropped the massive 27-track, which topped the chart with the biggest sales week of any album this year, earning 309,000 equivalent album units for the week ending Sept. 2, according to Billboard. These numbers include 357.4 million on-demand streams and 37,000 in pure sales. This officially makes Kanye the 7th artist in history to have 10 chart-topping albums. Placing him next to legends such as Jay-z, Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, Eminem, and Elvis Presley. Donda also marks Kanye’s 10th straight No. 1 album on the Billboard 200, an achievement he shares with only Eminem.

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