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Getting Creative With Azza Gasim

Azza is a British Sudanese creative with a degree in fashion from Esmod Dubai. She has been building up her CV through various internships in companies such as Esquire Middle East and ANZ Styles, and is now building up her own clothing brand called Azzmeraki, which infuses her illustrations and custom paint on jackets. As well as a fashion blog.

-Why did you choose to be involved in the creative industry?

I wanted to share my talents with everyone i knew and use them to help people.

-What is the biggest and /or most meaningful project you've done so far

So far, its probably the brand I am about to start because I am using all my past experiences to make this happen and make it even better and more memorable. As well as writing my own poetry, which I will start recording soon. Each poem is something I have written at a good or bad time in my life. It was a coping mechanism.

-Tell us more about the clothing brand

Its called azzmeraki. So with that I am using my artistic skills with the 1/2 and 1/2 t-shirts. I also do custom jackets, for people who want a specific design on their jackets. I called it Meraki because Meraki is an ancient Greek word used to express love and creativity, which is what I want to deliver with my clothing.

-What impact/change would you like to inflict?

I want to allow people to love and express themselves as well as be proud of who they are and where they come from. It took along time and multiple experiences for me to get to this happy place of self acceptance.

-Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

creating better art with my own gallery. happily married with kids, and teaching them to be happy with themselves.

-What advice do you have for visionaries on their grind?

Be you, love yourself, and always surround yourself with people that will push you forward in the best way possible.

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